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Gail Rand

Relaxation and Remedial

Brighton QLD 4017

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Fast pain relief.     De-stress.     Relax Get fast, long lasting results with this fantastiic combination of natural therapies Special Deals !!

Bowen Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage

Servicing area

Brighton, Sandgate, 4017, Nth Brisbane, Redcliffe area, Pine Rivers.

Focus areas

Stress Management Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Circulation Headaches Sprains

Welcome to Relaxation and Remedial
Change Your Life... Take control... 

Clinic days and times are flexible, including weekends. Same day appointments may be available, so give us a call - 0403 604 245.

Home visits are available - mainly post surgery 

Pain:- Pain can take many forms - physical, emotional, mental. 

All things ‘pain!!!  Back,  Neck,  Shoulder,  Nerve,  Sciatica,  Headaches,  Aching,  Tingling,  Spasms,  Post Traumatic Stress,  Acute or Chronic pain

Are You in Pain???- Get fast and often long lasting changes. Feel more in control, more confident & secure.

De-stress and Relax:- Get a deep sense of overall relaxation through:-

Release of tension and stress, Relaxation and realignment, Improved energy flow, Improved circulation, Lymphatic drainage & Increased mobility

Lymphatics:-  To help remove excess fluid and stimulate the body's lymphatic system.

For Lymphatic issues, post surgery, Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, Lyposuction, acute sprains, sinus conditions, pain relief

Digestive conditions / disorders:- IBS, constipation, reflux, hernias, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease are just some examples.

Gut related issues represents over70% of the functional diseases from which we suffer. Problems can stem from the lack of proper movement in some part of the digestive system.

Let us help you recover some of your normal function.

About Us

Find Relaxation and Remedial at:-

Brighton Qld 4017

As a practitioner

I help to facilitate your body to make the decision to correct itself. I work with your body. This means that it can be tried on any condition or concern and is completely safe for everybody – newborn to elderly.

So if you are feeling a little run down, out of sorts, have re-occurring pain or illness gives us a call


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