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Currumbin Valley & Burleigh Heads QLD

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Addiction Wellness Life path Emotional wellbeing Essential oils Emotions

Re-Patterning Workshops

A small group, 5 hour workshop to learn how to re-pattern your body and mind.

In the 1st session we unravel:

  • How patterns are created, established and inherited;
  • How these patterns are stored in both the body and mind;
  • How to work with emotions as allies rather than hijackers;
  • How to "hack" your senses to re-write your patterns;
  • The power of breath;
  • How to practically apply and embody this learning; and
  • Why a "toolkit" of essential oils can be so powerful and how to access this.

In the 2nd session we embody all of this learning in a practical experience.

Finally you leave with a specially crafted essential oil blend to continue to support you to integrate your experience.

Only 6-8 spaces available.

Southern Gold Coast
Various Dates - Please contact me for details
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These personalised programs are for people who are currently struggling with a health challenge and are looking for mentoring, therapies and support to address it.

They are especially good for people who have tried other things to overcome the challenge and have not succeeded, particularly in the areas of gut health, immunity, fatigue & weight issues.  

Programs are designed based on your needs and range from 5 weeks to 3 months.






This is for people who are looking to see where they can improve their overall health, wellness, vitality, immunity and potential.

This is particularly good for people who are already on the path towards optimum health but may be missing some pieces to their wellness puzzle and would like mentoring, information, resources and therapies to support this. 

Programs are designed based on your needs and range from 5 weeks to 3 months.




A 5 week 1:1 personalised program designed to help clients:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their body, themselves and any health challenge that they may be facing by learning to understand and really listen to the wisdom of their body; and
  • To support them to embrace themselves more fully and navigate their challenges from a deeper understanding by working with their whole being.




A 5 week 1:1 personalised program designed to help clients:

  • Clear blocks, find clarity and access their inspiration, passion and flow,
  • To help re-program old beliefs and patterns and open up new possibilities.




A personalised, three month, Human Optimisation Journey designed to meet you where you are at and walk with you as you uncover your full potential.

This is Whole-Human Wellness from the Ground up.  The program covers all the fundamentals for how to thrive in our modern world; Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

The program provides practical information and resources regarding:

Light, circadian rhythm, grounding, EMF's, personalised nutrition, optimal breathing and movement practices based on you, how to cleanse and fast to suit your personal needs,  mindfulness practices that work for you,  sleep tools, mental and emotional support, inter-generational trauma support, tools to help re-patterning the subconscious mind plus bodywork sessions including red and IR light therapy and aroma bodywork.


Book now and let us be part of your journey.

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