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Roberts Mobile Massage

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Roberts Mobile Massage


Remedial Massage

The use of massage, stretches, joint movements and a wide range of
diagnostic techniques. It all helps with the healing process of an injury, ridding the body of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain. A massage plan will be tailored to suit your needs

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage refers to the use of various massage techniques that are directed towards the deeper tissues structures of the muscles and fascia. The massage techniques start on the top layer of the muscles or fascia and is slowly work deeper as the muscles relaxes. The aim is to affect various layers of the fascia that support muscle tissue and loosen bonds between the layers of connective tissue

Sports Massage

Is a combination of massage techniques, stretchers and joint movements, which are designed to help an athletic prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recovery after an event or function well during training

Trigger Point

Is the deactivating of a trigger point, which is either Active or Latent. This is done by applying pressure with either the palm, fingers, thumb or elbow. Some trigger points may only release by being pinched

Relaxation Massage

The massage techniques are more flowing and are more superficial but are still firm. The main aim is to get the body, mind and sole to relax and get rid of the stress being held in the body. Shaking, stretching of the limbs may also be done to get you to release any tension you are holding in them

Cross Fibre Release

As the name suggests, it is the releasing of the tissue fibres by working across them with a transverse action. Which helps to re-align the body, and balance and stimulate energy flow


Mobile Prices
  • 60 min - $60

  • 90 min - $80

  • 120 min - $110

Corporate Prices
  • Min 2 hour bookings - $60/hr

Qualification details

Diploma course with Brandon Raynor Natural Therapy followed by a Diploma in Remedial Massage with Health Schools Australia.

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