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WELCOME To Rob Stalbow Integrated Osteopathy...

About Us

Servicing area

Northern Beaches, New South Wales

Focus areas

Bloating Posture Habits Headaches Sprains Biomechanics

What do we do?

A manual system of healthcare, osteopathy aims to optimise the structure and function of the body. By treating muscles, joints and their supporting connective tissues, the apparatus of the body has the potential to become more aligned and less strained.

Osteopathy seeks to address restrictions and weaknesses in the nerves and mechanics of movement, digestion and breathing so that the body can coordinate all of its working parts into a more seamless whole.

Joints:Neck and back pain, sciatic pain, stiff joints
Muscles:Acute sprains, chronic injuries
Posture:Musculo-skeletal dysfunction from slumping, curvatures of the spine, dropped foot arches
Digestion: Abdominal musculature discomfort from bloating, constipation, irritable bowel
Breathing:Chest, back and rib dysfunction from shallow respiration, rib pain
Stress:Tension in shoulders, abdomen, jaw and head

ABOUT ME - Dr Rob Stalbow (osteopath)
BSc (Hons) Ost. Med. DO

Rob qualified with honours from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, and has 18 years of clinical experience. He also completed a Batchelor degree in Applied Psychology, is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, and holds a certificate in the Starrett System of Movement and Mobility 101.

He has a clinical focus in movement assessment with the aim to identify where in the neuromuscular system there is a barrier to mobility. It can lie in the stiffness of the structural tissues, the strength required to control the movement or the coordination needed to organise fluid movement. Quality time is taken to adequately assess the problem, so that a fundamental change can be made to the root of the cause.

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