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Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy

Servicing area: Servicing Brunswick Heads & Byron Bay

Depression Lifestyle Nurturing ...
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Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy is located in Brunswick Heads. Hypnosis can help with issues such as ·children and teens behavioral problems · quit smoking · weight loss · achieving goals· grief and loss· addiction· anxiety· phobias· depression and past life regression. Kasey uses therapeutic tools such as art therapy, gestalt therapy, play therapy and Hypnosis to facilitate positive change and guide you back to a safe place of love, acceptance, forgiveness and letting go.

Pension and concession rates available.

Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy

Kasey Walker is a trained Hypnotherapist who can work with children's hypnotherapy, weight management, quit smoking 4 week program, depression, anxiety, addiction, general health and well-being and achieving your goals and past life regression.

Kasey is a heart and intuitive based Hypnotherapist. She incorporates techniques such as Hypnosis, art therapy, gestalt, play therapy and counseling to work through client issues.

Kasey takes a thorough initial consultation on your the first visit, followed by a muscle relaxation technique to guide you into a deep hypnotic state. Hypnosis is then applied to by-pass the conscious critical analysis and positive hypnotic suggestions are used to re-frame, change and heal negative thought patterns and repressed grief. Self love is then brought in to replace what has been healed under hypnosis.

The first session's Hypnosis is recorded for best results in re-framing faulty thinking habits. It takes 30 days to change old thinking habits, so daily/nightly listening to your recording is suggested.

Hypnosis can have a profound healing affect on repressed issues that have been causing blockages in your life, or even trans-generational problems that could be impacting on your children. Emotional and behavioral difficulties in children can be helped through hypnosis.

Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy creates a safe and nurturing environment that holds a sacred space for positive life transformation and healing.

4 week quit smoking program - This is a 4 week program to help you kick the habit once and for all. The cost is paid at the start of your program, this is your commitment to becoming a non-smoker so you know you will commit yourself to quitting! Goals and healthy lifestyle plans are set in place for a new positive change in your life. Initial consultation is 90 minutes then consecutive appointments are 1 hour. Once a week phone call support is available in-between sessions.

4 x weekly quit smoking hypnotherapy sessions $480
Concession and pensioner rate is $400
Cost and Appointments-

First session: 1.5 hours
Follow up sessions: 1 hour

Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation: $130
Subsequent Sessions: $120
Pensioner and concessions: $110
Single mum/Hardship: $90
Children's Hypnotherapy Initial Consult: $110
Subsequent Sessions: $90

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Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy

Kasey Walker

Dip. Clin. Hypnotherapy

Member of the AHA & NHRA

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Sacred Circle Hypnotherapy