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Mind Body Dynamics

Meagan Baker

Suite 2
45 - 47 Belmore Rd
Randwick NSW 2031

Servicing area: Randwick

Mind Body Dynamics

MASSAGE CLINIC: Feeling tired or run down, stressed, sore back, tight muscles, or just feel like unwinding with a massage. Why not have a therapeutic massage TODAY. Relax in the comfort of your own home / office or in your hotel room, or if you need time out you can come to my clinic in Randwick.



Mind Body Dynamics - MEAGAN BAKER

Bodywork Therapies

Swedish Massage: Is a general feel good relaxation massage. Many of the therapeutic effects include improves circulation, increased flexibility, releases muscle tension, and soothes the nervous system.

Remedial Massage: Is a combination of swedish and deep tissue massage. Its wonderful and soothing way to relieve your body of tension, stress, headaches, back pain and muscular problems. It softens and mobilises muscles which have become tight and contracted due to injury or the stresses of daily life. This treatment is used for conditions such as neck, shoulder or back pain, stiff tight muscles, tension or stress. Techniques can be modified to treat injuries and muscular related problems.

Aromatherapy Massage: is an ancient therapeutic treatment, where essential oils are used to help improve physical health and mental wellbeing. It is a gentle massage that helps stimulate the lymphatic system, stimulates circulation and relaxes the nervous system and brings about a deep sense of relaxation.

Shiatsu: Is a traditional Japanese style of massage. Shiatsu literally means finger pressure. The aim of shiatsu is to rebalance the flow of ki along the meridians or channels. It incorporates pressure (finger, thumbs, elbows, forearms), holding, rubbing and stretching techniques which can be deep and firm, but which are applied with sensitivity. It is a deeply relaxing experience. Treatment is carried out fully clothed with loose comfortable clothing.

Reiki: Is a traditional energetic healing, using “ universal life force energy “ . A reiki treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting without pressure on or above the body, it brings a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Reiki helps to reduce feelings of stress, shorten healing time and reduce pain levels.

Touch for Health (Kinesiology): is a simple non invasive system of bringing about balance in all areas of your life: structurally, biochemically and emotionally. By combining principles of Eastern and Western medicine, touch for health uses muscle testing as a communication tool to assess energy imbalances within the body. Then a range of gentle yet powerful techniques are applied to create balance within the body’s meridian system.


Healthfund rebates are available for most major healthfunds, depending on the level of cover and your individual healthfund.

Current healthfunds covered :

HCF, Medibank Private, NIB, Australian Unity, Manchester Unity, Grand United, AHM (Aust Health Management), RT healthfund, Sun Health, Commonwealth Bank Health Fund, Defence Health, Navy Healthfund, Police Healthfund, Teachers Federation healthund, ARHG, CBHS,

Qualification Details

Diploma Remedial Massage, Cert IV Aromatherapy, Cert Shiatsu, Cert TFH (Touch for Health), Cert IV Kinesiology, Cert I & II Reiki, Cert Holistic Counselling, Cert Transformational Life Coaching

ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society) : ATMS: # 10403
AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) Lev 1 Kinesiologist AKA 10044


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