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Sacred Mist

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Sacred Mist is a new age spiritual shop and wellbeing centre located in Malvern, Victoria.
We invite you to step into our beautiful space created to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Sacred Mist

Welcome to Sacred Mist

Consult our professional and gifted Tarot & Psychic readers, available daily to bring guidance, direction and clarity to all aspects of your life.

Our wellbeing centre offers a varied range of therapies from massage, hypnotherapy, counselling and healings. Join our weekly classes of meditation, healing and spiritual psychic development. Sacred Mist also offers regular workshops, courses and events at our centre, facilitated by local, interstate and international speakers.

Let us assist and inspire you on your spiritual journey!

About Us

Sacred Mist came into creation from a long term dream of ours in bringing together like minded people committed in helping and assisting people in their spiritual journey.

Everything has been brought together of all the things we love creating a beautiful place of inspiration and uplifting energy to heal, empower and motivate changes in people’s lives.
We are blessed to have the choice to enjoy our dream and work at what we love; we look forward to sharing that dream with you.

With Blessings
Lesley & Maureen

Shop and Wellbeing Centre

Our shop provides a beautiful range of enchanting gifts along with resource information and tools for your spiritual path.

  • Crystals, gemstones and essences

  • Sterling silver, crystal jewellery

  • Tarot and Oracle cards

  • Essential oils

  • Incense, herbs, resins and candles

  • Singing bowls and salt lamps

  • Pagan and Wiccan items

  • New age and inspirational books

  • Meditation, relaxation and spiritual cd’s

  • Angel, dragon, fairy, god/goddess, Buddha statues

  • Anne Stokes fantasy range

  • Handcrafted wands, jewellery, artwork from local artisans

In our wellbeing centre we offer a range of therapies to pamper and relax, clear and balance with healings and massage. Our services help assist in bringing clarity, direction and guidance.

Our practitioners

Our practitioners are passionate in what they do and are committed in providing a professional service to meet your needs.

  • Tarot, psychic mediumship readings

  • Relaxation, aromatherapy massage

  • Crystal, reiki, spiritual, pranic healings

  • Hypnotherapy,

  • Life between lives

  • Virtual lap band weight loss

  • Past life regression

  • Holistic counceling

  • Healthy life plan

  • Astrology charts

  • Numerology

  • Cutting the ties that bind

We never stop learning! We offer a range of weekly classes, workshops and events by local, interstate and international facilitators.

Weekly Classes

  • Meditation

  • Meditation and spiritual development

  • Psychic and metaphysical development

  • Twin heart meditation and pranic healing

  • Learn the tarot

  • Learn astrology

  • Tarot practice circle

Regular Workshops

  • Create your own mandala

  • Create your own spirit guide drawing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Connecting with your angels

  • Empower yourself

  • Crystal guardians

  • And much more…..

Workshops vary throughout the year so to keep up with what is happening stay in touch with our website, Facebook page or join our mailing list. Workshops are added regularly.

Contact us today for more information.

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