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Willi Kininjjew

Willi Kininjjew

Shalvey NSW 2770

Servicing area: Shalvey, New South Wales


Willi Kininjjew

HOLISTIC KINESIOLOGY (HEALTH SCIENCE): a blend of Eastern and Western therapies to balance the body and improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Using the body's biofeedback and using various muscles to find out what is happening to the body's energy system...... dealing with allergies, depression, postural problems, digestive disorders, nervous disorders, muscular disorders, learning and behavioural difficulties, fears and phobias, emotional problems and stress related disorders.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE: Deep Tissue Massage using various techniques, ie: Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Therapy (MET), Positional Release Therapy (PRT), Myofascial Release Therapy.....addressing muscle pain in the body, to help and allow it to be placed into homeostasis and relaxed state.

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE: A variety of bodywork styles used for people with cancer or recovering from it, taking into account the persons medical history, age and individual needs. Many scientific studies have been conducted on the effect of various bodywork techniques on people undergoing cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy and surgery. Scientific research shows that massage can reduce Pain, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Nausea.... other benefits may include improvement in Sleep, Neuropathy, Quality of Life, Mental clarity and alertness and Meaningful social interaction.

SPORTS MASSAGE: Using various techniques ie: Deep Tissue Massage,Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Therapy (MET), Positional Release Therapy (PRT), Myofascial Release Therapy... on sprains (Ligaments), strains (Muscles) and overuse resulting from any sports or work related injuries.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: A very gentle and energtic massage with countless benefits.... just to name a few
- reduces maternal tension, stress and anxieties
- speeds up venous and lymph circulation
- reduces swelling in the extremities
- decreases chronic muscle tension
- elevates mood

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: A gentle slow rhythmical technique to assist in the movement and draining of lymph fluid through out the body.
Benefits.....just to name a few
- Deep relaxation
- Reduction of pain
- Increase of energy
- Deep sleep
- Reduction of high blood pressure
- Decrease in pain of MS suffers and sub acute arthritis
- Treatment for lymphoedema

GIFT VOUCHERS available for any occasion.

All enquires are welcome and answered.

PENSIONER and STUDENT concessions are available.

All Health Funds service provider

Qualification details

Diploma in Remedial Massage - HLT 50307
Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology (Health Science) - HLT 51507

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Willi Kininjjew