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Samantha Graham Naturopath

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Samantha is a degree qualified naturopath. She is passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health through appropriate dietary modifications, herbal medicine and nutraceutical prescriptions, and lifestyle modifications.

Samantha Graham Naturopath

"The forms of disease are many and the healing of them is manifold.” Hippocrates

This is one of my favourite health quotes and it seems to sum up my own personal philosophy on healing. One of the fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine is the importance of treating the individual not the disease. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in naturopathic medicine; seldom do patients with the same condition have exactly the same cause of that condition.

What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathy is a holistic, patient-centred system of healing. It acknowledges the uniqueness of the individual and the dynamic healing capacity of the body. The aim of a naturopathic practitioner is to treat the underlying cause within the body to achieve optimal health. Treatments may include the use of herbal medicine, nutraceuticals, and dietary and lifestyle modifications to support and stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms. Naturopathic medicine encourages the individual to take an active role in their health and healing journey through patient education and support.

Digest Care

At Digest Care Clinic I specialise in dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract. My focus is patients with:
  • Medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
  • Coeliac Disease,
  • Non-coeliac wheat sensitivity,
  • Gastritis and Peptic Ulcer Disease, and
  • Diverticulitis and unexplained digestive symptoms.

I also acknowledge that many conditions may originate from poor digestive function, and enjoy treating a wide variety of conditions including:
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Weight Management
  • Skin Conditions
  • Food Intolerances
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anaemia
  • Anxiety
  • Bladder Infections
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Sinusitis


Many of the patients that seek naturopathic care may have already had a number of investigations. They either have received a diagnosis or they have received no conclusive reason for their ongoing issues. It is important that any investigations your doctor has suggested are conducted prior to visiting Digest Care. Digest Care has access to the latest DNA technology for assessing gastrointestinal health through Diagnostic Insight Laboratory. Because of the high sensitivity and specificity of this test we are able to identify a number of bacteria, yeasts and parasites that are often missed on conventional laboratory techniques. In addition, nutritional status, individual nutritional biochemical needs and toxicity markers can all be assessed if indicated.

A brief outline of the diagnostic investigations available to assist patient care is below:
  • Comprehensive Individual Optimum Nutrition: This test is a combination of analytes that measure levels of organic acids, amino acids, fatty acids, nutrient and toxic elements, vitamins, and antioxidants. A comprehensive overall health assessment option.
  • Individual Optimum Cardiovascular Nutrition: This test provides a comprehensive array of parameters to determine overall nutritional status with a specific impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascualr disease and improving cardiovascular health.
  • A Women's Health Profile:This health profile is a combination of tests specifically designed for women measuring organic acids, fatty acids, serum lipid peroxidases, asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), markers of metabolic syndrome, and oestrogen.
  • Oestrogen Metabolism:This test measures five important oestrogen metabolites, 2-OHE1, 2-MeOE, 4-MeOE, 4-OHE1, 16α-OHE1, and their ratios, to assess oestrogen metabolism.
  • Organic Acids:This test provides a view into the body's cellular metabolic processes and the efficiency of metabolic function with an overnight urine collection. A great option to find the underlying cause of chronic illness.
  • Gastrointestinal Function Profile:This test uses DNA analysis to identify microbiota including anaerobes, a previously immeaurable area of the gut environment. Single sample collection, greater accuracy, and increased sensitivity make this profile the best value for stool analysis available.
  • Amino Acids Profile: Amino acid analysis helps with determination of amino acids imbalances, evaluation of functional vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and diagnosis of metabolic disorders.
  • Essential Fats Profile: This test shows varying patterns identifying essential fatty acid deficiency or excess, signs of insulin resistance, elevated level of triglycerides, pro-inflammation, or omega-3 dominance. An ideal way to track progress or response to a treatment.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing:This test offers IgG and IgE food antibody testing options. IgG or "delayed" reactions contribute to chronic health problems. IgE antibodies are known as "immediate" allergic reactions, such as those seen with peanuts or shellfish.
Thank you for taking the time to read over this information. I look forward to meeting you in clinic, hearing your story and assisting you on your health journey.

Qualification details

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
Bachelor Health Science (Comp Med)

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