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Sandy Robinson Psychotherapy

Sandy Robinson

Allied Health
145 High St
Mansfield VIC 3722

Servicing area: Mansfield, Cheltenham, Mentone, Beaumaris, Brighton

Sandy Robinson Psychotherapy

Having positive reinforcement will help us make a difference, build our plans, strengthen our partnerships and achieve real solutions.

Professional Counselling for Blended Families, Separation & Divorce, Parenting Conflicts, Etc.

Professional Counselling 

I am here to help you by employing the best possible results by using a mixture of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling. Chronic pain management, anxiety, interaction problems, compulsive behaviours, phobia, lifestyle problems and addictions, including smoking, alcohol and drugs, have all been a success for me. 

Psychotherapy is a collaborative approach based on a person's interaction with a therapist. It is a dialogue-based and completely private setting that encourages you to speak openly to someone who is purposeful, objective and not judgemental.

Couples and Family Therapy 

Relationship/Marriage Counselling

Through discreet, professional support, free from the power of everyone else (although loving), partners will discover where they have problems and work together to achieve a more promising future until issues are uncontrollable.

Counselling can be an efficient way to improve the general well-being of the family unit through relief and the enhancement of relationships. It might be as easy as a few sessions to reoccur good contact.

Blended Families

If families merge, extra attention and effort is needed to make the home life of the new 'family ' work easier.

Separation & Divorce

The truth of all this can be very difficult if the partnership is ineffective and progresses to divorce or separation.

Parenting Conflicts

It can be difficult to raise children at the best of times, but friction will exist if you do not seem to compromise on how to do this.

Coping with Family Illness

If a family suffers from a serious illness, professional support can help to deal with the countless problems that arise. The way ahead must be sought from the physical features of the mental minefield for all members of the family.

Redundancy & Job Loss

Loss of earnings and reputation will check any connection and assistance can help you obtain a clear view of your choices. You will feel overwhelmed before you take good steps to get you on track again.

Depression & Anxiety 


By trying to understand and explain how you feel about your depression symptoms, it can be extremely important for you to manage your depression and not control yourself. 


Everybody is occasionally affected by anxiety. It is normal and it's even safe, but crippling or entirely low distress is quite special in circumstances where most people are feeling comfortable and relaxed. Hypnosis can be of assistance in developing your ability to relax and operate subconsciously, we can adapt your unhelpful feelings and behaviours to make your life again more pleasant.

Grief, Loss & Trauma

One can equate sorrow with the death of a loved one — often the source of the greatest kind of complaint — but any suffering will contribute to sadness.

Life Transitions

Our identity is often so connected to our experiences of the past that it is difficult to imagine life in any other direction. The transitions that come can sometimes be very daunting when you go through the different stages of life.

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