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Menopause Memory Mentoring ...
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Make Sense of your Life and Leadership from the Inside Out...

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About Michelle Skurray

Focussing on Women in Transition and Change

My interpersonal communication skills have been developed over many years of my career. I am at ease communicating with all ages and levels of society. I have done so in my capacity as a group/team leader, mentor, coach, counsellor and teacher/lecturer.

I provide coaching & mentoring for emotional and behavioural well-being, spirituality and self-care. Special interest and experienced in: grief and loss, recovery from trauma and abuse, depression, anxiety, addictions, anger, self esteem, identity, pre-marriage, marriage/relationship, post abortion grief and miscarriage. You will experience an integrative approach, tailoring sessions to meet your individual needs.

Navigating Menopause Successfully!

If you're like me and you're a woman between 30 and 60, I know that many of you feel disheartened and exhausted about the overwhelming amount of information, choices and personal attempts to find solutions to menopause sleep problems, weight gain, boob pain, loss of sex drive and on and on! You've bought books and books, you're wondering what doctor to see next, and feeling all alone in this.

If you're like me, you wish there was a trusted mentor who could guide you with questions and straight talk, equip you with tips and tools, encourage you and offer you hope.

I spent thousands of dollars and 24 years of trying to find relief. Yes! I hit peri-menopause at 29 and navigated the long, hard road to post menopause! I consulted many experts and was troubled by the uncertain and drastic advice of some, in particular the possibility of a double mastectomy to cure my sore boobs with the uncertainty of a resolution! I had sore breasts day and night through my whole cycle from age 29 to 44, I experienced clotting and flooding, as well as sore feet for 3 years and marriage struggles (not to mention memory loss, weight gain and past trauma revisited that added to the severity!)

This is your opportunity to save thousands of dollars and invest your time wisely. You see, I don't have all the answers but I sure know a better way to navigate this menopause road!

I embrace your courage and offer you hope to navigate your road to self discovery, your personal relationships and your workplace as you transition to living an extraordinary life!

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