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Serenity is yours from the moment you step into our private clinic. Soothing colours and the natural fragrance of essential oils greet you, and almost immediately balance your senses. Surrender to the sounds of the gently playing music as you feel your stress melt away.

Serenity Massage Alstonville - Services

Focus areas

Pregnancy support Manual lymphatic drainage Well-being Stress management Physical health Love

Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage

This deeper style of massage will delve deeper into the muscles, ‘unsticking’ the fibres they contain. This is possible through deep muscle compression and applying friction along the grain of the muscle. It is incredibly beneficial for muscular damage resulting from overuse or injury. It helps to remove toxins and break down areas of tension, enhancing flexibility and mobility.

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage is recommended for women who are past their first trimester, as it is a relaxing massage that helps to relieve tension, pressure, pains, and aches connected to pregnancy.

Relaxation Massage

If your emotional or physical health is challenged, a relaxation massage is highly effective in removing stress chemicals in the body and stimulating the immune system, whilst promoting a deep sense of balance, wellbeing, and self-nurturing. So if you are feeling under pressure, come in and relax with a deeply relaxing massage.

Sports Massage

Perfect for social or professional dancers and athletes, a sports massage can help you to speed up your recovery, stop any injuries, and help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Myofascial Release

Gentle, sustained pressure is conducted on certain areas of restriction. This treatment method looks to release pain in the tense connective tissue in and around the affected muscles.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a soft method where the pressure of barely a 5-cent piece is used – which helps to prevent or to reduce the retention of fluid, improve the overall release of toxins from the body tissues, and to assist the immune system.


Cupping is an ancient method that involves the placement of specialised cups on the skin, creating suction to help with inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and other aspects of wellbeing.

Muscle Energy Technique

Through the use of muscle contractions, MET helps to lengthen and relax muscles, as well as re-aligning joints and bones through pulling on the muscle.

Trigger Point Therapy

Each and every muscle has a trigger point, which when it is activated by overuse, can cause pain, often affecting other areas of the body. Trigger Point Therapy is a method utilised to help relieve related symptoms.

Dog Massage

Dogs respond very well to massage treatments as it can help with their arthritis, mobility issues, an uneven stride, poor neck, has injured/sore feet and limbs, hindered shoulder movement and more.

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