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Servicing area: Sydney

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Angelic Energy Wave - Connect with higher powers for healing,

Stories of Heart and Mind to achieve your TRUE vibrance.

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Extreme Energy Clearance - Entities, Past Life, Trauma

Energy waves are directed and chi is adjusted in your body. Blockages prevent chi streaming in specific regions which can prompt illness. Not at all like acupuncture where needles are placed in particular focus areas, the practitioners uses chi to target the blockage and remove it. Similar to a physical massage that discharges pressure and tension in your body, this works also on your energetic, mental and emotional level.

Third Eye Activation and Past Life Energy Clearance

This procedure takes 3 sessions and focuses on a particular issue. The principal session empowers the body with chi flow and removal of external energies through various readings. The second session addresses injury in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional body to do with the issue. The third session is to build the vitality in the body to adapt from future injury and related issues.

Seven Star Chakra Healing

Evacuation of negative vitality, negative musings and negative patterns in the chakra vitality framework and replacing with positive energy.

  • Root Chakra — feelings of being grounded.

  • Sacral Chakra — capacity to acknowledge others and new encounters.

  • Sun based Plexus Chakra — Confidence and in control of our lives.

  • Heart Chakra — Our capacity to love.

  • Throat Chakra — Our capacity to communicate

  • Third Eye Chakra - Intuition

  • Crown Chakra - Spirituality

Life Coaching

Enhance all parts of your life – relationships, career, goal setting, balance, motivation and confidence. What blocks you on a physical, emotional and mental level? What do you truly need/want out of life? How would you discover a way that is clear and focused? Let Angie support you in all aspects as your life coach.

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