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Shanshan Yoga

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Shalom! My name is Shani and I’m addicted to the sun…If it’s a sunny day, I find it very difficult to stay indoors:-)

Shanshan Yoga

I discovered Yoga years ago while I was working in Israel in a High-Tech Company. The company decided to provide yoga classes for employees so that we could deal with the stress of long working hours and crazy deadlines. So I joined…and I hated every minute of the weekly two hour classes. I couldn’t move for the rest of the week after each class. Every part of my body (including parts I didn’t know existed) was in pain.
The Yoga style was Iyengar, which means we were using belts, blankets and all kind of props, and the teacher left us in the postures forever. Or so it felt like at the time.

This initial practice made me realize how unkind I had been to my body. Sitting most days on a chair in front of a computer had taken its toll but I realised that with Yoga practice I had the opportunity to rebalance my body. It was then that a door opened leading to my journey to find that balance.

This journey brought me to Australia where I discovered different styles of Yoga. I decided to complete Power Yoga teacher training in 2009. I am enjoying further developing my understanding of the effects of Yoga on the body and mind; as well as passionately sharing it with those around me (especially my colleagues at work, who I know are in real need of it).

I feel extremely lucky to be able to do what I do and live where I live. While travelling I have come across people less fortunate and I decided that it is time to get involved and give back. My weekend classes are by donation (and are outdoors at the park!), and all money raised goes to a different charity each month.

Hope to see you there!

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Shanshan Yoga