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Sharon Sansoni

Sharon Sansoni

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Counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples experiencing difficulties in their relationships, or other areas of life.

Sharon Sansoni

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Armadale, Victoria

Focus areas

Loss Growth Anxiety Emotions Grief Values

Ever feel like a basket case? All tied up in knots? Unravelling? Just need to get a handle?

It's easy to feel this way sometimes isn't it? Left behind. Filled with fragments from other times, other places. Feeling the strands unravel... just a bit. All tied up in knots. Or simply needing to get a handle on things. It's hard to find the answers we need, work out what's happening, when our thoughts and emotions are all bundled together and confused.

Need a hand to sort things out?

Let's talk it over!

How can I help?

I am a Gestalt psychotherapist who works with both couples and individuals and is committed to helping you untangle the knots, make sense of your experiences, find new perspectives on old situations, and negotiate the times of impasse. Times when you feel unclear, undecided, unable to act. (And let's be honest there are times in our lives when we have all felt this way to a lesser or greater extent).

I am passionate about helping people find health and happiness and I believe we all have the capacity to heal and grow but sometimes we find ourselves stuck and it can be hard to figure out what's happening and what we need to do about it.

I offer you:

A safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore and clarify your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.

Increased awareness of how you habitually think, feel and act, which gives you more choice and responsibility.

The opportunity to safely experiment with different ideas and ways of being.

Strong support and gentle challenges to help you find and use the resources you need, and

Acknowledgement and validatation of your individual experience.

And what might you bring?

Just as plants push through the soil, reaching for the sun and searching for the nourishment they need to grow to their full capacity, growth of any kind requires commitment, a stretching of boundaries, and a willingness to find and use available resources. So… in order to get the most out of therapy:

Be willing to engage.
Be interested in and open to new possibilities.
Be willing to “try on” new ideas and behaviours in this “safe” space.
Be committed to the process.
Be willing to think about what you want, and ask for what you need.
Be yourself!

So what else might you like to know about me?

For 6 years, I volunteered my time as a counsellor at a community agency and I currently work as a counsellor in a community-based, not-for-profit organisation which is a leading provider of relationship support services. I have a commitment to professional and ethical practice and ongoing learning and development. I am a clinical member of my professional association (Gestalt Australia & New Zealand) and of PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia).

What sort of people do I work with?

My clients are individuals and couples who are experiencing dissatisfaction or difficulty with their relationships, or life in general. I work collaboratively with them to explore and better understand their life experiences, values and beliefs, and habitual ways of relating, supporting them to develop a greater capacity for awareness, choice, and happiness in their lives. I believe that each individual has innate, if unrecognised resilience and resourcefulness and I see my role as one of facilitator and enabler.

I have worked with clients of different ethnicity, culture, background and age, dealing with a range of issues including:

Anxiety and depression
Relationship difficulties
Separation / Divorce
Grief and loss
Low self-esteem and confidence
Loss of meaning and purpose
Career and life stage transitions
Personal growth.

And how do I work?

Many of us experience similar life events and yet we travel through them in different ways. I work with my clients to explore and uncover the meaning they give to their life experiences, and the ways in which this might influence their behaviour and impact on their lives and well being.

Gestalt is a German word for a complete pattern. A Gestalt therapist believes experiences cannot be separated from the context in which they occur and takes into account all the elements - physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual - that make up the whole experience.

As a Gestalt practitioner, I will not be trying to interpret your thoughts and words, but trying to understand your world, your values and beliefs, your way of relating to others around you - your own unique experience.

Together we will read the map, travel the territory, uncover the paths most travelled, and discover alternative and more rewarding routes.


Tuesdays, Fridays, Weekends and after-hours.

To make an appointment or talk further, please call. You can reach me on: 0403 131 798.

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