Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer

2793 Nelson Bay Rd
Salt Ash NSW 2318

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Herbal Medicine is the oldest method of healing that we know of. Plants have been used in different cultures for many generations, as a way to help heal and balance the body.

Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer - Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

As a Western Herbalist, I utilise herbs that are grown in an ethical manner across the world and with a flavour towards North American plants, however, my interests have spanned to TCM therapies and herbs and Ayurvedic principles of herbs and healings which align with energetics of your body. As everyone is unique my work must be so also, and this is why I am constantly learning new methods and tools, reading updated research, and going over techniques as old as time.

It is my aim to utilise this individual focus combined with tried and tested tools to educate and empower you to make the correct choices as to reach your wellbeing objectives. I also support your physical health using the best available supplements and herbal medicines for your issues, while looking at the emotional situations in your life that may have impacted upon your wellness.


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Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer