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Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer

Sheryl Hockey

2793 Nelson Bay Rd
Salt Ash NSW 2318

Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer

Yes, everyone has heard that ‘you are what you eat’, but really, you are what you can digest, absorb, metabolise and assimilate. I have seen people that have had an amazing diet, but due to issues with their gut or other chronic health conditions, they were unable to digest and absorb what they were eating.

Sheryl Hockey, Holistic Herbalist & Reiki Healer - Nutrition


Nutrition is crucial for your wellbeing. However, it is only a piece of your puzzle (ok, a LARGE piece) but many other factors need to be considered when you are compiling your nutrition plan.

I complete a total nutrition review with every client and may ask for you to complete a food diary for a week or two to get a better idea of what you are drinking and eating every day. I want to know what it is that you eat, but more than this how you eat it (are you chewing?), where you eat your meals (at the table or in the car?) and when you eat (is dinner at 9pm or 5pm). All of this information is then utilised to create small changes that can make a large impact in your digestive health and nutritional status over both the long and short term.



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