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Jeanine Sciacca

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The Silva Method Australia
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About The Silva Method Australia

About Jeanine Sciacca – Seminar Leader and Workshop Facilitator

Jeanine Sciacca first discovered the Silva method more than 5 years ago in 2011. Her own personal life was not in a good place at all, and it felt like she was heading in a dangerous spiral for more than 15 long months, through this stressful time she came physical ill from the stress and it only seemed to be getting worse and worse. There was no treatment or medication that was able to help her and stop her steady decline which was all linked to stress, anxiety and a fear of failure at work. In a desperate attempt to turn things around Jeanine came across the Silva Method ™ originated by Jose Silva in 1966.

After applying the techniques and the tools without fail on a daily basis, her life would turn around in the space of 5 short months. Jeanine’s health returned to perfect wellbeing, she went on to become the top sales person in the entire company, constantly exceeding her sales targets, which lead to her winning 2 awards. Her results only got better year by year. After being inspired by her own changes Jeanine decided that she would like to help others. This led her to becoming a Certified Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach and this is when Jeanine discovered her life’s purpose and true passion, which is adding value to the lives of others.

2 years ago Jeanine left her corporate job to pursue her two of life’s passions, which are personal development and selling investment property. Jeanine is a living example of someone who is enjoying the amazing freedom provided to her of living a life of your own design and she is extremely passionate about helping others to do the same. Jeanine went ahead and completed the Silva Life Systems and Intuition™ Live Training in Chicago in 2015, and then became a Certified Silva Instructor in 2016.

Jeanine is looking forward to helping you:

  • Easily overcome bad habits

  • Stay calm and focused, manage stress and remove anxiety

  • Improve your self confidence

  • Discover your life’s purpose

  • Control your eating naturally and reduce weight and keep it off

  • Overwrite limiting beliefs standing in your way

  • Access, develop and refine your intuition

  • And more…

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