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The Silva Method Australia

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The Silva Method Australia
Please join this free class. You have nothing to lose, and only good to gain.
I looking forward to adding value to you.

The Silva Method Australia - Workshops/Webinars

Meaningful Monday Webinar

This is available to Silva Method students who have graduated and also to non-Silva graduates – thus meaning that everybody who wants some meaning, inspiration, direction and clarity for living a better and better life can join in.

We will conduct a guided meditation on a weekly basis, and then discuss a specific topic and/or run a Q&A on whatever subject is of value to you to get some tips to live an improved life.

All my Events are now to be found on my main website

Please come across to this site to explore all my events and discover what else I am able to offer you.

Silva Method Life and Intuition System, 4 day dynamic meditation classes, are offered in Sydney, or by arrangement in other cities in Australia, and dates and times of upcoming events can be found here:

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