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Naturopaths recognise and use traditional natural therapeutics to work with natural healing processes in our own bodies.

Naturopathy & Its Focus On Raw Plant-Based Diet


Siôn represents the global, chronic, end-stage, or terminally ill English speaking population. The detoxification and regeneration process is initiated by a concentrated raw plant diet and the effect is increased by a fruit diet that imitates fasting and promotes fasting.

This system is easy to manage, gentle and quick. Calorie counting or restriction is not necessary.

As the body responds to proper natural nutrition, Siôn encourages regeneration through a herbal protocol tailored to your specific requirements. This is a very relaxed and casual environment, appointments take longer than an hour and often last up to 90 minutes. When you get a complete photo of yourself and your condition, your healing journey begins with complete natural support.

The Natural Difference 


The side effects of plant medical practice have been significantly lower than their pharmaceutical counterparts. This is assumed to be so because plant medication is a natural network that, compared to pharmaceutical products produced as one single isolated material, includes enzymes, phytochemicals, cofactors and nutrients that function to help and cultivate the human body. Further, natural drugs are not toxic and do not cause any addiction or withdrawal symptoms if used, unlike pharmaceutical medication.


Injuries caused by herbal medicine are very uncommon and only a few have been recorded in contrast with the millions of accidents documented in the global medical system. Each year in Western countries, 100,000 people suffer adverse effects on pharmaceuticals not seen in the naturopathic field. Some of these responses contribute to impairments and even death.


By their very definition, medical treatments can be severe and intrusive. Contrary to the healthcare system, naturopathy does not require such risky procedures, but depends on the natural health ability of the body, through fasting, detox, and diet. It promotes self-harm and the growth of pluripotent stem cells to correct and heal most human disease processes.

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Sion Williams Naturopath