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Soaring High Natural Therapies

Rose Vince
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We look to heal the entire being here at Soaring High Natural Therapies. My name is Rose Vince and I am a certified Life Coach, Reiki practitioner and NLP practitioner.

About Soaring High Life Coaching

Welcome to Soaring High Natural Therapies

We are situated in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. The tranquil surroundings provide me with the perfect setting to perform my healing magic on you. Soaring High refers to the moment I decided to begin my very own practice. It was the right time after some devastating and destructive bushfires tore through out beautiful state and affected a number of lives. After the worst fires has died down, and we were driving through the affected areas, I spotted a beautifully majestic eagle, soaring high above it all.

Transcending the destruction below. This is the moment where I decided I wanted to help others and guide others along their journey and help them navigate through difficult times in their lives.

About Me

I am an intuitive, looking to aid others with my gifts to transcend their current situations, get back on track, and achieve goals they may never have dreamed of reaching.

I have always had a deep sense of wanting to serve others, to truly help and make a difference. Most of career has reflected this also. I look to develop a tranquil, safe and trustworthy environment, a place where you can come in and relax and open up about anything on your mind. It goes without saying that I hold your privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard.

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Soaring High Life Coaching

Combining a coaching session with a Reiki session will accelerate your growth immensely. Please contact me to see what approach would be best for you.

Soaring High Life Coaching - NLP

N – Neurology: The mind and how we think. L – Linguistic: How we utilise language and how it affects us. P – Programming: How we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

Soaring High Life Coaching - Reiki

Reiki treatments for general relaxation or for specific healing and I customise my sessions to meet your unique needs and condition(s). Reiki is able to work on the entire body: emotionally, physically and mentally.

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