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Solaris Health & Harmony Centre Pty Ltd

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We Provide a Range of Naturopathy, Kinesiology & Iridology Services to the People in the greater Gold Coast Area.

Solaris Health & Harmony Centre - Naturopathy & Iridology Services

We Provide a Range of Naturopathy, Kinesiology & Iridology Services to help to test and treat you. This helps to provide a holistic assessment needed for you to fully understand what ails you and how to treat it with natural remedies. Tests include

  • Health Scope testing
  • Hair Analysis, toxic metal testing
  • Blood type testing for immune diet
  • Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis
  • Iridology
  • Kinesiology
  • Astrology readings
  • .

    Iridology testing can help with:
  • Learning about your heredity traits
  • Learning about your predisposition to certain conditions
  • Fixing blocked Lymphatic / Immune system problems
  • Uncovering stressed or deficient liver issues
  • Uncovering blood sugar problems
  • Uncovering a lack of Oxygen to extremities ie, Brain Fog, Cold Feet

  • Health Scope Testing
    ARL testing can help you to find out just what ails you and involves uses a range of tests including:
  • Saliva Hormone - adrenal and gonadal testing
  • Digestive, Bowel, toxic metal, thyroid, liver tests
  • Blood tests

  • We work closely with medical doctors for extra clarification on all relevant blood tests that we carry out.

    Applied Kinesiology
    Applied Kinesology is a hands on approach to muscle testing. We use applied kinesiology to isolate specific problems based on your body's biofeedback to formulate specific and accurate treatments to help with your recovery.

    Blood Type Immune Diet Testing
    We also facilitate tests to determine your blood type so we can provide information on immune-boosting and detoxifying foods which are tailored to your needs.

    Astrology readings
    Your own personal blueprint! An astrological reading is another great way to explore ones psyche and lifestyle patterns to get a holistic look at a client.

    Some of the products that we stock include:
    • Metagenics
    • Mediherb
    • Orthoplex Bioceuticals
    • Eagle
    • Phytonutrients
    • Nutrimedicine
    • Innovative Therapies
    • Chinese Herbs
    • Auryvedic Herbs
    • Homeopathies - heel
    • Brauer
    • Bush Flower Essences
    • Homeobotanicals
    • Cell Food (amazing, powerful, bioavailable detoxes)
    • Olive leaf products
    • StemTech
    • Aromatherapy Oils

    For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment call us on (07) 55 332 671

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    About Us

    Situated in a secluded tranquil location, Solaris Health & Harmony Centre is only 5 minutes from Nerang and 8 minutes from Mudgeeraba with the tranquility of living much further out. Between us we have 30 years' experience in healing, guiding and helping people find their direction, truth and health. We had a clinic in Southport for 12 years but loving and feeling the healing energies of nature we moved our busy clinic to our property in Gilston. Feel your stress slip away with a range of natural treatments, including Acupuncture, Nutritional Supplements or Massage.

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    Deep Tissue Massage - Remedial Massage - Sports Injury Therapy - Sports Massage.

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