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Sole Searching Reflexology

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We provide relaxing reflexology treatments in a quiet setting. Demand for complementary therapies are on the rise, yet little is generally known about reflexology. We're here to help you to understand the wonderful benefits.

Sole Searching Reflexology

Welcome to Sole Searching Reflexology

Sole Searching Reflexology is owned and operated by Marlena Ford from her home based clinic in Sheldon; a Brisbane bayside suburb near Mount Cotton and Capalaba in the Redlands.


Sole Searching Reflexology aims to inform as many people as possible about the amazing benefits of Reflexology. The healing power of touch is something that has been used for centuries and I truly hope to continue this work and make a positive impact on all my clients' health and wellbeing. We live in such a stressful time, taking the time out to concentrate on ourselves is a must.

About Me

I had an instant fascination with Reflexology after my very first treatment as a young teenager with hereditary lower back problems. I couldn’t believe the results I received from those treatments. I spent many years dreaming about becoming a Reflexologist until one day, I knew it was finally time to pursue my passion of Reflexology.

I completed my diploma in 2016 after 3 hard years of studying, whilst still working and raising two young children. I hadn’t studied a thing since leaving high school after grade 10, let alone learning something so far from my usual occupation. My working life to this point was administration work including reception, accounts clerk, despatch clerk and payroll, I even dabbled in dump truck driving.

Despite it being a testing, stressful time, I found it so liberating and fascinating to learn further about the complexity of the human body and the fantastic benefits of Reflexology.


Reflexology is an ancient therapy, with the earliest evidence being a painting found in a tomb in Ancient Egypt. It also has its roots in Chinese culture. Modern Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body. Through specialized thumb and finger techniques, the reflexes are stimulated to help balance all of the body systems.

Proven benefits to Reflexology are:

  • Help eliminate toxins

  • Improve Lymphatic function

  • Increase circulation

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Aids your body’s own healing ability

Why not book an appointment and see what benefits Reflexology has for you.

Qualification details

  • Diploma of Reflexology
  • Professional Member of Reflexology Association of Australia

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Sole Searching Reflexology