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Sole Therapy

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Sole Therapy offers General and Sports Podiatry - we are at the vanguard of Podiatric health care and diagnostic support, our cutting-edge technology offers posture and gait analysis and the production of Orthotics on site.

About Sole Therapy

Sole Therapy is a new generation podiatric health care and diagnostic support centre offering you the latest technology in gait analysis, posture and has the technology to produce orthotics on site.

Sole Therapy aims to provide you with a distinctive approach to injury management, performance improvement, total spinal and body care.

Sole Therapy prides itself on the ability to perform such a high standard of quality, while ensuring effective cost awareness is taken into consideration for each of our clients.

Sole Therapy not only works comprehensively with large corporations, but also believes in keeping a "soulful" sense of community as well.

Nicole Reilly, the director of Sole Therapy has a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters in Podiatry. Nicole has a special interest in Biomechanics and human movement and her knowledge and growth through regular courses held all over the country. Nicole has a degree in Swedish massage and certified to do acupuncture of the lower limbs.

Most of Sole Therapy’s services are covered for private health fund rebates and with the new medicare team arrangement; some services are covered by medicare. (Terms and conditions apply)

Sole Therapy provides you with accurate diagnoses using leading edge technology available.

We treat conditions such as:
  • Flat or high arched feet,
  • Clawed toes or bunion formation,
  • Balance problems,
  • Thickened nails,
  • Calluses, corns or plantar warts,
  • Posture problems in adults and children,
  • Diabetes.
  • Scoliosis,
  • Neck pain,
  • back-ache,
  • Hip pain,
  • Knee pain,
  • Shin pain,
  • Ankle pain
  • Painful flat foot pain,
  • Peripheral vascular disease,
  • Peripheral neuropathy,
  • Diabetes,
  • Arthritic pain,
  • Clawed toes or bunion formation,
  • Balance problems,
  • Thickened nails,
  • Calluses, corns or plantar warts,
  • Posture problems in adults and children,
  • Diabetes.

We can help improve your posture!!!!!

Sole Therapy's Podiatry services include the “Bio postural test” and “3D total body spine” analysis examination” to determine whether and to what extent the posture system is dysfunctional and to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment.

The test consists of an overall evaluation of your postural abnormalities in order to diagnose the problems and determine the overall treatment required.

The “Bio postural test” and “3D body spine” is a series of non-invasive, diagnostic digital biomemetric tests, such as the analysis of foot pressure distribution (baropodometric test),body structure (morphological test) and balance (stabilometric test), the results of which enable the therapist to accurately monitor your postural condition.

The data from the biometrical examinations are included in the Bio Postural and body spine analysis report so as to provide you with clear and detailed documentation on the characteristics of whatever postural disorders are present.

You are presented with a report displaying a virtual picture of your entire body and postural state from head to toe.

“Sole Therapy was one of the first practices in NSW to provide patients with this technology”

Sole Therapy offers the following services:
  • Biomechanical and Human Movement Analysis
  • Biomechanical Conservative Treatment
  • Cosmetic Podiatry
  • General and Surgical Podiatry
  • Orthoses Solutions

Sole Therapy has a mission…….

“To ensure that you receive not only a high level of podiatric care and are provided with treatment solutions to your problem but…..
…….You are receiving up to date information using the latest technology available…
……So you are better equipped with the knowledge necessary so the right action can be taken to allow you to recover faster and prevent further complications…..”

To achieve this mission Nicole networks closely with a team of specialists within Australia, France and Italy to improve the level of health care within Australia by providing the equipment necessary so an accurate diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment is given.

Sole Therapy provides a new weight-bearing orthoses method. This new approach increases the accuracy of custom made devices as you are standing not lying down on impression and mould.
Sole Therapy may also utilise plaster foot moldings to custom make prescription high heeled orthoses.

Podiatry at Sole Therapy works in conjunction with other allied health professionals within the St George area and Sutherland shire, to correct poor posture, promote rapid recovery and minimise pain and injury recurrence.

Sole Therapy has a wide range of health practitioners at your disposal.

This network includes:
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist

General podiatry and chiropody service are also provided at Sole Therapy.

So why “place your sole in our hands”?

Sole Therapy realised that an accurate diagnosis is very important in treating a painful condition.

You may have "shopped around", looking for the best treatment solution for your pain or injury without having a diagnosis. This process can be time consuming, expensive and confusing. Lots of time and money can be spent trying to answer this question, when in fact the best method is treatment using an integrated approach once an accurate diagnosis is achieved.

Sole Therapy does just this. Sole therapy integrates the newest technology available to provide a non-invasive accurate diagnosis for you and provides you with multi-disciplinary treatment solutions.

The system used at Sole Therapy is unique and innovative because each person is assessed and accurately diagnosed so appropriate course of treatment by means of therapeutic intervention can be achieved

Sole Therapy’s Podiatrists can create a tailored treatment regime for you including:
  • Managing and treating foot and ankle disorders, including blisters, callouses, ingrown toenails- conservative care and nail edge resection if necessary
  • Ascertaining the biomechanical causes of back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain
  • Prescribing corrective foot orthotics (to fit sports and/or fashion shoes)
  • Offering advice on the appropriate stretching / strengthening and training programs for your needs
  • Offering information and advice on any specific needs you may have in running shoes / football boots and other sporting footwear.

We offer foot care for:
  • Athletes
  • Seniors
  • Diabetics
  • Women
  • Men
  • Children

Sole Therapy offers you excellence in podiatry, biomechanics, exercise rehabilitation, orthoses and footwear. Our goal is to provide the highest level of excellence in both service and professional expertise.

Our Podiatrists are:

Members of Australian Podiatry Association
Members of Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
Members of Sports Medicine Australia

You're in good hands when you have treatment with the team of Podiatrists at Sole Therapy - call now to book or discuss your or your family's needs today.

Qualification details

Nicole Reilly
Founder & CEO
BAppSci(Pod)MAPodA (Accredited Podiatrist)
Nicole is a motivational health speaker and consultant, and a casual academic lecturer and tute teacher at The University of Western Sydney Health Sciences Podiatry Division.

Shaun McCann
BAppSci (Registered Podiatrist)
Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)
Shaun worked with Shoe Science in New Zealand and specialises in Sport/general injuries, running and gait analysis, paediatrics and nail surgery.

Danielle Richter
BAppSci (Registered Podiatrist)
Danielle specialises in Sport, General and surgical podiatry and has 16 years experience as a Podiatrist. Danielle has a background in competitive gymnastics.

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