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Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic

Sonia Devine

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Structured Hypnosis Programs Since 2003

Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Bayswater and Eastern Suburbs

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Self-esteem Anxiety Anger Quit smoking Hypnotherapist Depression

Solve your problem using structured programs designed by a certified hypnotherapist with 10 years experience.Visit my website to find out more, or use my hypnosis MP3 downloads to make positive changes in the privacy of your own home.

Click on the links below to learn more about my programs:

Weight Loss

Quit Smoking




Anger Control

Confidence and Self-Esteem


Body Image

Sleep Problems

Relationship Problems

Communicaton Skills

Hypnosis For Heartbreak

Here are Just a Few of The Features You're Going to Get When you Book In for One of My Personalised Hypnosis Programs:

  • No drugs. My approach is drug free. However, sometimes you may need to take medication as an adjunct to the work we do together. I need to make it clear that  I would NEVER advise you stop taking your medication without the explicit advice of a health care professional;

  • No endless counselling sessions, going on and on day after day, week after week, month after month. We don't need to go into your past to help you create a brighter future;

  • Powerful 3-step diagnostic methodology that gets to the root of your problem. No more struggling on your own trying to be more positive through sheer will. My programs give you the support you need while empowering you to help yourself;

  • Unique hypnosis techniques and strategies that transform your subconscious beliefs and enable you to take action and take control of your life;

  • A professionally recorded hypnosis MP3 that's yours to keep. Imagine having your very own personal hypnotherapist on hand 24-7! Your hypnosis recording with my famous 3-step diagnostic protocol built in is there for you whenever you need it;

  • A structured, safe and effective program that empowers you to take control, take action and make powerful, positive changes;

  • A choice between 3 different program packages to suit your individual needs and your budget. Some people need a little help; others need a lot. You choose the level of support you need;

Ask me any questions you like about my programs by calling 0403 920 200

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