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Soul to Sole - Health & Wellbeing

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Elly is a certified therapist offering foot reflexology treatments and therapeutic massage. 1 hour treatments $65. Please phone or text for an appointment.

Soul to Sole - Health & Wellbeing

Reflexology is an ancient art originating from Chinese and Eastern traditions. It’s a non-intrusive system of massage based on the theory that different points of the feet and hands correspond with different parts of the body.

For example, on the left foot, the tip of the big toe corresponds to the left side of the brain. Different reflex points are worked by applying pressure, leading to increased relaxation and wellbeing of the person.

When the human body is functioning optimally, it is in a state of balance. A reflexologist does not claim to cure disease but in fact assists the body to return to a state of balance when it is out.

A single session of reflexology can have an amazing effect on ones wellbeing and deeply enhance physical, emotional and mental health.

Reflexology has also been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, depression, constipation, fatigue, high blood pressure, improve digestion, increase mental clarity, improve sleep quality, increase circulation, balance the nervous system, alleviate frozen shoulder pain, reduce insomnia, ease menstrual problems inc PMT, reduce headaches and migraines, detoxifies the body, and increases vitality.

It can also relieve pain cancer treatments but it should not replace conventional drugs like chemotherapy.

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