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Sometimes our natural healing ability is delayed or suppressed due to a number of different factors, nutrition, naturopathy and homeopathy can help!

Southpoint Health - Nutrition, Naturopathy & Homeopathy


Nutrition is the relationship between the foods that we eat and the overall health of our bodies. Proper nutrition means that all the essential nutrients (fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, water and minerals) are used and suppled in adequate doses to maintain optimal wellbeing and health. Nutritional deficiencies result when adequate amounts of essential nutrients are not to be consumed.

Good nutrition is essential for:

    • Ability to repair bodily damage or injury

    • Fertility

    • Normal organ development and functioning

    • Exercise and working efficiency

    • Growth and maintenance of the body

    • Resistance to infection and disease

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“Prevention is more effective than cure” is the primary aim of traditional and holistic Naturopathy, which aims to empower the client to become and to stay healthy. It is based upon the premise that the body has the innate built in capacity to heal itself by utilising elements of nature.

Today’s Naturopathic practitioner has to study a wide range of the modalities that are encompassed with naturopathy including medical herbalism, nutrition, homoeopathy, dietetics, relaxation techniques, massage, environmental medicine and counselling and communicational skills, in order to effectively deal with the complexity of issues affecting health today.

At Southpoint Health, we adhere to the basic principles of prevention is a lot better than cure and focus on our client as a whole body, mind and spirit. We look at how the disease has come to manifest in the client and make the client aware of the entire picture so that they will be able to become their own personal physician.

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Homoeopathy is a holistic medical system that has was developed more than 250 years ago in Germany by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It has been used in the US since the early 19th Century and has also been adopted by many physicians worldwide.

Homoeopathy is utilised for both prevention and wellness, and to assist in the treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases. It is based on the principle of similars – that ‘ like cures likes’ – and pays specific attention to the genetic and constitutional makeup of the client.

Homoeopathic medicines are administered in minute doses and matched as closely as possible to the totality of the client’s symptoms.

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