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Specialising in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery!

Focused on healing past painful experiences and trauma with Root Cause Therapy

Root Cause Therapy is a powerful and proven method which helps people understand and heal from the root cause of their current presenting issues whether it be mental health, anxiety. addiction, behavourial, negative habits or money blocks.

The root cause of our problems are found in the unconscious mind and by working at the unconscious level helps us delve into past traumas and memories and understand what triggers our limiting beliefs, sabotaging behavioural patterns and associated emotions.

Root Cause Therapy uses a combination of kinesiology, timeline therapy and breath work, performed in a non-judgemental and safe space with a certified Root Cause Therapy Practitioner.

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30 years personal experience with mental health issues, alcohol and substance abuse.

Root Cause Therapy Practitioner Certification

Current Study: Nurtionist Certification

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Spirit Tracing