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Gain The Highest Quality Physiotherapy Possible: Find out how we at Sports Lab deliver the best physiotherapy services that achieve the desired results

Physiotherapy Services

Servicing area

Sydney CBD, Alexandria, Drummoyne & Double Bay NSW

Focus areas

Verrucae Weight management Digestive health Shin splints Coordination Posture

Why Choose Sports Lab Physiotherapy?

Highest-quality Physiotherapy Services

You will gain the highest quality of our core physiotherapy services that include:

  • Professional assessment and treatment of spinal and limb conditions
  • Rehabilitation programs subsequent to injury or surgery
  • Management of sports injuries
  • Specialised assessment and management of back and neck problems (McKenzie Therapy)
  • Chest and respiratory physiotherapy
  • Flexibility programs

Highly Qualified and Specialised Physiotherapists

You can utilise the services of the best physiotherapists who specialise in:

  • Swimming
  • Footy
  • Dance
  • Shoulder

Fracture Management and Casting

You can also make full use of our complete fracture management services that include:

  • Plaster of Paris slabs for acute fractures
  • Full synthetic and waterproof casts for upper and lower limb stable fractures
  • Air cast and Cam Walker ankle and Lower Limb braces as prescribed by your Orthopaedic Surgeon or Sports Physician
  • Range of Movement Braces

Home Visit Services

You can also take advantage of our complete home visit service if you are unable to visit our clinics.

Numerous nursing homes in the Eastern and Inner Western Suburbs of Sydney utilise our home visit services regularly. 

You can also get us to provide aged care and acute neural or fracture management physiotherapy in the home setting through an appointment.

How Sports Lab Provides Physiotherapy

Your physiotherapy at Sports Lab will comprise of comprehensive assessment and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems. This can consist of injuries to your muscles, bones or joints in your body, including your back and neck.

You can expect premium care for any injury as your Sports Lab Physiotherapists have years of experience in working in different areas of Physiotherapy. All have worked with sports teams and spent years in hospital-based settings treating acute injuries.

Your Sports Lab Physiotherapists will provide a very ‘hands-on’ approach with your treatment. Thus, you gain dedicated one-on-one care across your whole treatment session.

You will find that our therapists are skilled in joint manual therapy as well as muscle release techniques. They are also highly skilled in biomechanical analysis.

You can expect us to work closely with a network of GP’s as well as Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Surgeons. We pride ourselves in referring complex cases to the best practitioners if imaging or neurological testing is required.

By working closely with other expert practitioners, we increase your chances of finding the correct diagnosis and treatment. Our target is to treat not just the symptoms but the root cause of your injury.

You can also gain tailor-made exercise programs just for you. We will provide you with enough time to learn the exercises with proper demonstration and education.

We are also capable of using video analysis (when appropriate) to diagnose, demonstrate, and deliver our new ‘e-physio’ program.

Your physiotherapy sessions will take approximately 60 minutes because we want to ensure that all aspects of your injury will be considered and treated in the one session.

Request your booking now so you can start healing your injuries using our highest quality physiotherapy services.

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