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YOUR BODY is your travelling partner throughout this lifetime. I can help you to look after it - gently, effectively and with respect. The choice of therapies provided assists the physical structure of your muscles - releasing tension and discomfort, encourging connection to your emotions and setting your spirit soaring free. I love my work and I know that you will too - call ahead for your appointment - your body needs you to ....

Stellar Health

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Charlestown, New South Wales

Focus areas

Energy Feet Seichim Tension Shirodhara Therapeutic massage

“The body is nothing but rhythm. The universe is nothing but rhythm.
The job of the healer is to harmonise your rhythms with the rhythms of the universe.” Dr Ram Bhosle....

Focussing on muscles that are causing pain or discomfort, I use a combination of techniques including firm pressure and energy work to REALLY gets things moving along ...

Hawaiian "Temple Style" massage is a full body experience that uses long rhythmic strokes to gently ease out the tension held in your body. From your shoulders to your toes in one sweeping motion, and including under your body. Rejuvenate your senses - release the past - balance the masculine and feminine – quieten your mind - connect within .. Aloha ..

Your feet carry the image of your entire body – its organs and its functioning systems! A reflexology treatment takes around an hour, is suitable for all age people, and is very relaxing while being energising at the same time. In a western reflexology treatment, I create a treatment plan specifically for YOU. Working to either soothe or stimulate specific reflex points, your body is gently encouraged back to balance. Maintain your health- from the inside out

This full body massage – from your toes to your fingertips - gently attends to any tight areas and areas where you are holding. Result? Blissful sleep .... supple skin ... quiet mind ....

A Gift from the Goddess Pele – firstly warmed oil prepares your skin to receive a full body massage using sacred hot basalt stones. Great for when your body feels as though it has retained fluid. Wonderfully relaxing – just let go ...... float away

This ancient Indian rejuvenating technique is best received after any of the body work therapies, when you are already relaxed and "in the zone". With your head supported, warmed oil is gently streamed over your brow chakra to flow over your forehead. From a physical level, your endocrine system will be stimulated and the nervous system soothed, fantastic to quieten busy minds. Spiritually - the door opens .....

Seichim-Reiki is a form of Universal Energy that opens pathways of healing for the client. This flow of energy can restore the essential balance of life force into the body, mind and spirit. Acting as a channel I place my hands around your body to allow universal energy to flow. Perfect when you need a “re-charge” and available to all people regardless of their current health status.

*** Personal attunements available ***

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