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Step Into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training

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Our rapidly growing numbers of members throughout Australia really enjoy the non-intimidating, friendly and very supportive way that they get the benefits of a group and a personal fitness trainer to keep them focused. They are motivated, and exercise safely with the benefit of the social interaction that is so much part of Step into Life® membership.

The main appeal though, is being able to enjoy fitness training outdoors - and many of our members train against the background of some of Australia’s most stunning natural beauty.

Now, people all over Australia are enjoying greater fitness, leading fuller, healthier lives and are making new friends thanks to their local Step into Life® Group Outdoor Personal Training location.

As the leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training across Australia, with over 12 years of experience and locations all over Australia there’s sure to be a Step into Life® group that’s Keeping fitter and healthier is a sure way to a longer life, and Step into Life® is an even better way to get into the habit of regular, enjoyable fitness training for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

We make maintaining your fitness & health easier, more fun...and you get to enjoy it with other like-minded people . Think about it...

Getting fit, with people like you, who prefer to train outdoors rather than being in a gym (an often intimidating and boring environment) is a really fun way to achieve the fitness levels you set - and achieve - with the help and encouragement of both your personal trainer and the other group members.

Take the first step to being fitter and healthier by joining your nearest Step into Life® group.

Training we Offer

Step into Life® has a great range of training activities to keep you occupied and, let's not forget - fit and healthy!!

We hope you'll want to experience for yourself the variety our group outdoor personal training has to offer and how it can not only make you feel healthier, but enrich your general lifestyle and well-being as well in the process.

At Step into Life® we all want to live healthily for as long as we can, but don't think that takes the fun out of anything!! We know how to enjoy life just as much as we know how to maximise's all part and parcel of what Step into Life® is!

Training - Cardiovascular

The primary goal of Cardiovascular Training is to improve fitness levels. The human body is very intelligent, and it will become familiar with any exercise routine very quickly. As the body adapts to such routines it will gradually expend less and less energy and fitness improvement is minimal.

At Step into Life® Cardiovascular Training sessions (we just call it cardio) a huge variety of training programs is guaranteed at every session. Your trainer has hundreds of training programs to take you through and hence you will continue to expend energy and gain fitness improvement.

Training - Toning

A Step into Life® Toning session is designed to strengthen and sculpt the major muscle groups. Toning is an essential aspect of any training program as is Cardio, and a combination of the two is a sure road to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

In our Toning sessions we'll use a wide variety of training equipment to achieve a visible toning result that you'll feel and others will notice.

Dumbbells, fit balls, medicine balls, abdominal mats and more. The outdoor environment provides Step into Life® trainers with so much more in the way of equipment and variety, so you'll just keep having fun while you get fitter!

Training - Fitball

Step into Life® Fitball sessions are great fun and certainly bring out the frolickers in our groups! This revolutionary round ball provides an unstable base of support which forces your abdominal muscles to work constantly to support your posture.

Every Step into Life® trainer has completed a comprehensive course on the use of fitballs and is certified to show you the best training methods, exposing you to the massive benefits that this unique exercise platform has to offer.

Training - Kickboxing

Although Step into Life® kickboxing sessions might sound intimidating – they aren't. Infact they're an awesome workout for the whole body, and if nothing else, they're a fantastic stress relief workout!

Anyone can do this session – without any previous experience. Your Step into Life® trainer will provide you with all the necessary coaching on correct techniques and skill, and in turn you'll improve toning to your arms and legs and reap excellent cardiovascular benefit.

Training - Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a marines basic training experience which tests the strength and endurance of any participant. It's designed to reach and develop the maximum efficiency of your body and mind, at your own pace.

The effort, the encouragement, the team participation...working together to push past the limits. A Step into Life® Boot Camp session incorporates cardio, toning, team work, not forgetting loads of fun.

Training - Power Flex

A Step into Life Power Flex session will ensure fantastic results through a combination of dynamic yoga and pilates exercises to strengthen and lengthen your muscles at the same time.

A Power Flex session offers even more variety in your training if your goal is to improve muscle tone, abdominal strength, posture, back strength or flexibility. This type of exercise has even been proven to boost your metabolism and assist in weight loss when done on a regular basis. Best of all, anyone can do Power Flex and you will notice massive improvements in just a short time, no matter what your current fitness level!

Training - Rubberised Resistance

Step into Life® will provide you with your own resistance band for you to keep and bring along with you to training sessions. We promote the use of your own band for several reasons:
  • Hygeine
  • To ensure consistent resistance
  • It's portable – very handy to use when travelling anywhere as a passenger.
  • Flexibility - as your strength improves, your own band flexes to reflect your strength level.

Training - Corporate

Step into Life® trainers are very versatile and adaptable and can provide a host of group fitness services to companies at any location.

Step into Life® Corporate Training provides group fitness at your company's premises or at an outdoor location of your choice. We can also provide services indoors (in a standard size boardroom for example) such as Fitball, Rubberised Resistance Training and Stretch n Flex sessions.

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