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St. Leonards Physio By the Bay

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At St Leonards Physio by the Bay our aim is to provide “Best Practice,” a combination of evidence-based treatment and advice, together with a client-centred approach.

St. Leonards Physio By the Bay




Neil Wise moved to St Leonards in 2015 establishing St Leonards Physio by the Bay to continue sharing his expertise with the community of the Bellarine Peninsula.  Previously co-founder and Practice Principal at Oak Park Physiotherapy & Pilates, Neil has seen the physiotherapy profession evolve significantly over his 30 years in practice.   To keep abreast of these changes Neil has continuously updated his education through additional training in The McKenzie Method (Cred MDT), Clinical Pilates, Dry-needling, Explain Pain and Health Change Methodology to name but a few.

At St Leonards Physio by the Bay his aim is to provide “Best Practice” which is a combination of evidence-based treatment and advice, together with a client-centred approach. A member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) for his entire career he actively seeks to keep abreast of the latest information to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes.

St. Leonards Physio by the Bay

"Empowerment & education are essential to assist clients develop pathways to effectively manage conditions.


In assessing your needs Neil will take a detailed history, taking into account your current and previous episodes, expectations and beliefs. A clinical and functional assessment will then direct the following discussion about the management of your condition and available evidence-based treatment options. Where it is possible you will be advised of the range of options to enable your choice in how best to proceed with your treatment.

Once a management plan is agreed upon, treatment can take many forms depending on the individual differences, but over a course of treatment may include:

  • Mobilisation or manipulation (hands on treatment)

  • Specific active, or passive (assisted) exercises

  • Strengthening exercises (using weights, bands or body weight)

  • Clinical Pilates (reformer, trapeze, floor or Swiss ball)

  • Dry Needling

  • Development of strategies and lifestyle related activities, to assist in the short to medium term recovery phase & maintaining a long term, preventative aspect to your self-management.

In most cases you will be given written instructions of the agreed treatment plan and advice discussed on the day. To ensure you fully understand & remember, you may be encouraged to write the given instructions in your own words or even photograph / video details with your phone.

The follow-up recommendations will vary for individuals but will involve communication of goals, progress and outcome of management, with follow-up reviews & reassessment scheduled as required.

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