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Paula Mahon

Sunrise Beach, QLD 4567

Servicing area: Sunshine Coast


Welcome to Structural Integration Australia.

I've specialised exclusively in the Rolf method of

  Structural Integration for more than 30 years.


Professional Structural Integrator.

Most of my clients experience noticeable improvement in their pain, or other structural imbalance symptoms, within their first or second session when they receive this unique style of bodywork. People often feel freer in their body, and more relaxed,- even emotionally, immediately after a session, (see testimonials below).
Documentation shows that the benefits of this bodywork are cumulative and lasting.

Structural Integration is a process of soft tissue body work that improves misalignment in the skeletal structure, thereby creating better symmetry and a more upright body. Pain is often a symptom of a misaligned structure. Chronic discomforts (both physical and emotional) often disappear as the body becomes more balanced and supportive of itself.
This technique is very effective in aligning hip joints with each other, balancing shoulder heights, creating increased space for breathing, and much more. As these changes occur, people experience ease in their body, everyday movements become more fluid and require less effort than before, pain frequently disappears. There is often an increase in energy experienced as the body is then using less energy for basic movement and function.

Why choose me for your Structural Integration treatment?
Some healthcare practitioners work with a wide range of modalities, I have chosen to work exclusively with Structural Integration for more than 30 years because I have been continually impressed and fascinated by its amazingly broad benefits.

Since graduating in SI in Boulder Colorado in 1988, I've specialised in the practice of Structural Integration. SI is about systematically releasing the structural causes of your symptoms, such as a sore neck, back, headaches or even digestive issues.

Each SI practitioner develops their own style of achieving the SI goals. Clients tell me that they feel better when they leave here, more relaxed in their body and optimistic in their being. As the structural changes are cumulative and lasting, they have found that this process bodywork helps them stay in good shape to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Structural Integration Australia provides a family friendly environment where adults and children are welcome. My practice room can be easily reached by tram. Or if coming by car there is ample parking available.

Practitioners of Structural Integration are following the guidelines developed by Dr. Ida Pauline Rolf (1896-1979).
"Rolfing®" is one of many brand names of Structural Integration.


*23 year old Woman
I used to struggle regularly with back pain, muscle spasms, and headaches and had already tried other therapies before hearing about Structural Integration. I decided to start seeing Paula because of her many years of working with SI exclusively, and from the first session I felt great improvements. I have rarely had a headache since starting to see Paula nearly a year ago and my back feels incredibly better. My posture has improved and I feel stronger in my body. I had the unexpected benefit of feeling more emotionally balanced and calmer than I did before. Also, my period pain, which used to really disrupt my life, is almost nonexistent now and that was a problem I had just given up on! Thank-you for the huge changes in my life Paula!

I sent my friend (who also had ongoing pain following a car accident 4 years earlier) to Paula, and she then sent her mother. They were both really pleased about their good results too.
Lisa. April 2011

* 3 year old child.
Thank you Paula, for the amazing difference that you have made to our three year old *****.
After just one session, her 'night terrors', including screaming in fear each night, ceased. They have not returned. After three sessions ***** was visibly taller, with better posture and walking correctly. Previously she tended to walk on her toes.
It is now some months since she saw you and these gains have been sustained.
thanks again,
Lynne. Jan 10

* 38 year old man.
Having suffered from headaches and migraines almost daily for nearly 20 years, and having tried every therapy out there from Chiropractic, Osteopaths, Physio, acupuncture, massage, naturopaths, Chinese medicine and the headache clinic. I heard about Structural Integration and thought what do I have to lose. I arrived at my first appointment with a severe headache, by the end of the treatment the headache had gone, and also the feeling of pressure at the base of my skull had gone. That hadn't happened before. Now 3 sessions later I have been headache free for 4 weeks. This may not sound like a great deal but since I was 15 years old (when I received an accidental kick in the teeth during a football game) I have lived with a constant headache- that means everyday. People have also commented that I look different and my wife tells me I am not Mr Grumpy anymore.
I know it's early days but thank you Paula for enabling me to focus on life and not my headaches.
Domenic. Dec 07
March 08, Domenic is still headache free.

*39 year old Woman.
Structural Integration has affected me in two ways - 1.Physical 2.Emotional. I've had RSI in my hands for four years, tried many different therapies but no long term success. SI has enabled me to have a more normal life where I can use my hands eg. in the garden and housework. I still get some pain, but it comes and goes more quickly.
Emotionally, I have noticed an increase in my confidence levels after each session! - I was a very quiet and insecure person. The sessions have improved my wellbeing enormously and I whole heartedly recommend this technique, and Paula, to anyone! And I have!
Janita Dec '06

* 44 year old Woman.
These sessions with Paula are so effective that this is only my 3rd session in 3 years. I noticed after my last session that I'd grown 1/4 inch! I'm 44 years old so that is unusual. I have not suffered from a wry neck since my first session, what a relief !
Rose. March '99

*46 year old Woman.
I have just completed my 11th session of Structural Integration. On a physical level I feel aligned and standing tall, but on a mental or emotional level I have experienced something strange. I have felt more confident or assertive than I have ever felt in my life. This aspect has been observed by my colleagues at work who have passed comment. Well I am glad to have been Structurally Integrated. I'll be back.
R. H. Jan '98

*78 year old Man.
Having had major surgery in March 1991 for cancer of the prostate, I felt the area around the pelvis was very restricted to movement. 12 months later it felt as if it was hard and gave a great deal of discomfort especially when picking objects up off the ground.
In August 1992 I started a course of Structural Integration, and the pelvis area received treatment which has made a profound difference to my body movements, the feeling of hardness has disappeared and also the discomfort.
Also another change I have noticed while being Structurally Integrated is that my reading vision has improved at 68 years old the optometrist has reduced my reading glasses strength.
Kelvin. Dec91 North Western Victoria.


Qualification Details

Certified Rolf Practitioner, Rolf Institute USA 1988.
Certificate in Massage, Victorian School of Massage and Physical Culture.

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