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Our Naturopaths offer specialised advice on gut healing and the relationship between your gut health and your general health. CDSA, Microba genomic sequencing or FMA stool tests are used where indicated to assess the balance of the gut microbiota and to define an individualised treatment strategy. Eating plans are designed specifically for your health concerns as well as your life-style.


Eloise Charleson and Natalie Elliott are our Gut Health Specialists

The microbial communities that colonise the human gastrointestinal tract have been collectively referred to as the gut microbiota. Your microbiota adapts to its local environment and establishes a complex ecosystem between your body, the microbes and the gut itself.

A recent analysis illustrates how the gut microbiota alters its make-up according to the milieu that is derived from your nutritional practices. The GIT microbiome is being found to have functional plasticity. This flexibility is subject to environmental and nutritional signals.

Therefore a healthy diet full of pre-biotic fibres will influence the health of the gut as well as reduce disease states in general. Probiotics are an emerging supportive therapy in preventative health as well as for the treatment of many health conditions.

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Eloise and Natalie would love to guide you on your search for better health. Contact reception to book an appointment (08) 9381 1468.

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Your first naturopathic appointment is very comprehensive. The aim is to identify the causes of your health concerns through developing a thorough understanding of your symptoms as well as your past health. It will include a review of investigations alrea


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