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Athena Institute of Healing Arts

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To educate and empower 3.6 Billion people on 7 pillars of holistic health, in-turn leading them to make empowered choices.

Athena Institute of Healing Arts

About Swachhanda

Swachchanda Awasare (known as Sakshi) is a disciple of Dr Hazel Wardha, the Founder and Director of Pranic Education Institute of Australia. Sakshi was born and raised in India and migrated to Melbourne  in 2007 to pursue higher studies. In 2008, she graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Master's degree in Software Engineering.

Empowered with the years of spiritual practises and development, it is now my mission to help individuals to transform their lives and empower them by providing assistance and education in self-development and holistic health. It is my mission to help people embody spiritual values - un-conditional love, compassion, generosity and integrity.


To create and establish a world-class facility in Melbourne to empower women going through relationship breakdown and victims of family violence by providing the following services under one roof:

  • Accommodation

  • Legal Assistance

  • Financial Advice

  • Career Advice

  • Education on good physical health

  • Self-Development through use of mindset, philosophy and practical spiritual tools

  • Mentor or Support Networks


At Athena Institute of Healing Arts, we believe that one-to-one coaching will accelarate your development many times. We are committed to helping you achieve your transformation goals.

12 - months Coaching Program

Key benefits of coaching :

  • A coach will help you to turn your vision into reality

  • A coach will be a sounding board for clarifying your goals

  • A coach will provide you with easy to implement, outcome focused strategies to acheive the goals

  • Help you reflect and assess your belief systems

  • To help you refine your understanding of yourself

  • To give you practical tools and action items to stay focused on your outcome

  • A coach will work with you to help you achieve your transformational goals​

Your contribution

  • Take personal accountability

  • Be 100% committed to achieving the outcome you want for yourself

  • Attitude to learn and grow = Just Do It

  • Self-Belief

  • Self-Drive

  • Self-Acceptance

Take action today to live a happy, peaceful and aligned  future tomorrow!

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