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At Sydney Physio Clinic,
Your Recovery Is Our Highest Priority

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Quick Results Through Physiotherapy

Our #1 priority is achieving the safest and fastest recovery for our clients – getting them back on the field or back to their desk and back to a normal life as soon as possible.

Physiotherapists Treat The Cause Not Just The Symptoms

Sydney Physio Clinic provides the highest quality client care, focusing on treating the cause, not just the symptoms of your discomfort.  We take the time to get to know you and your condition, before treating and then teaching you how to significantly reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Put Yourself In An Experienced Sydney Physiotherapists Hands

Your body deserves the best treatment, so if you have a sports injury, aches and pains or even just have some questions, our experienced physiotherapists are here for you.

Invest In Your Health With Sydney Physio Clinic

An appointment with Sydney Physio Clinic is an investment in your long-term health – why not make one today?

Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in our lives. 
About 3 million Australians will visit a health care professional for back pain this year.*Global Burden of Disease Study 2010.


Common Complaints

Low Back Pain

Do you get sciatica, have a bulging disc or have you pulled muscle in your lower back?

Sports Injuries

Injured running, playing sport, or at the gym? Have you got a pulled muscle, tendon pain or a torn ligament?

Neck Pain and Headaches

Suffer from neck pain or neck stiffness? Do you have a pinched nerve in your neck or get headaches and sore shoulders sitting at your desk?

Knee Pain

Do you get knee pain running or knee pain going up and down stairs? Have you twisted your knee, got a stretched ligament or torn meniscus?

Shoulder Pain

Do you have a rotator cuff strain or bursitis? Have a dislocated shoulder or popped AC joint or do you just get shoulder pain when raising your arm?

Workers Compensation Physio

Work injury, hurt yourself at work? Looking for a workers compensation physiotherapist, a physio happy to treat workers comp?


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