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Ergoworks Physiotherapy and Consulting is one of Australia’s leading providers of physiotherapy, ergonomic and office health and wellbeing. Our physiotherapy clinic based in Sydney CBD and our national team of ergonomic consultants are able to tailor solutions to meet all of our clients needs.

Ergoworks Physiotherapy & Consulting - Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists assist those who are affected by injury and pain through exercise and movement, manual therapy, advice and education. The primary objective of physio is to facilitate recovery and to improve dysfunction, ensuring a speedy return to your normal daily activity and sport as quickly as possible. At the heart of the clients involvement in their own care, through awareness, education and participation in their treatment.

Physiotherapists will treat any underlying issues. They will instruct you about your posture, how to move well, lift correctly, avoid muscle injury and strain and even return to fitness after inactivity, childbirth or illness.

Manipulation, mobilisation, massage, stretching and exercise prescription are some of the key methods employed by practitioners of physiotherapy in Sydney to help enhance your mobility.

Our physiotherapist’s primary aim is to correctly assess, diagnose and treat your injury and to return you back to optimal functioning. We take great pride in being one of Sydney’s top Physiotherapy and sports injury centres.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Onsite physiotherapy is a strategic approach towards managing work related injuries and preventing absenteeism and sickness. Job related injuries are preventable, and having an easily accessible physiotherapist onsite means that we are able to highlight and treat these injuries during the early stages of their development.

Some of the benefits of Physiotherapy include:

  • Reduces productivity loss and absenteeism as a result of treatment off site.

  • Enhanced safety culture onsite.

  • Being onsite encourages better communication with easy access to managers and supervisors.

  • You can have confidence your staff are receiving best practice care for an optimal recovery.

  • Easy access to treatment leads to early reporting and intervention, and ultimately reduced lost time due to injury.

  • The ability to observe the worker in their work environment helps our physiotherapists to better understand their role and facilitates their return to

  • Having access to workplace statistics from our treatment helps you to better understand where your injuries are occurring.

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