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Are you looking for a natural means of health care? Do you have an acute or chronic condition? Synergistic Health offers Naturopathy services to assist you in your journey to health.

Synergistic Health - Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of healing based on a holistic approach of getting to the root cause of disease. It treats the body with a combination of herbs and nutrients, lifestyle changes and exercise. A naturopath is trained to assess your condition, provide advice, treatments and support so you can achieve optimum health.

As a naturopath, Amanda does not diagnose a condition, but rather, looks for any underlying imbalances or deficiencies within the body and works at correcting these. While her special interests include gastrointestinal, auto-immune Hashimoto's, female hormones and children's behavioural issues, she treats all types of health conditions.

Naturopathy incorporates a series of different treatments such as:

    • Diet and nutritional advice and changes
    • Herbal medicine
    • Lifestyle advice and changes
    • Iridology/nail/tongue analysis
    • Functional testing if required
    • Flower essences to assist with the emotions ‚Äč

      There are many chronic conditions that naturopathy can assist with, such as:

    • Digestive issues
    • Food intolerances
    • Allergies
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Heavy metal toxicity
    • Auto immune disorders
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Metabolic dysfunctions
    • Immune disorders
    • Sleep disorders
    • Chronic pain
    • Chemical sensitivities
    • Hormone imbalances

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