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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute
Tai Chi is highly regarded for relieving stress and tension - 33 years in SA - China Officially Accredited Instructors.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute - Tai Chi & Chi Kung ( Qi Gong)

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a major arm of the Traditional Chinese sport of Wu Shu. It is a means of keeping and staying fit, curing and preventing diseases. Its main aim is to promote health in a slow and relaxed manner, without hurting and jarring one’s body. The movements that are conducted in Tai Chi are slow, with a large emphasis placed on balance and posture.

The exercise and practice of Tai Chi requires a high level of focus, with the mind being free of distractions. Breathing is natural, however at times it will include abdominal respiration, and its performance is in rhythmic harmony with regular body movements.

Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art, and it was through the movements practiced that it was discovered that Tai Chi had a range of beneficial effects on the body. The primary focus of Tai Chi today is on the health benefits it provides.

What are the health benefits of practicing Tai Chi?

The consistent learning and practice of Tai Chi can:

  • Assist in the stimulation of the mind, improving focus, concentration and coordination,

  • Help with keeping your joints active and flexible,

  • Enhance the function of your internal organs,

  • Promote an improved and overall feeling of health and wellbeing,

  • Enhance muscle tone and levels of fitness,

  • Stimulate the flow of blood throughout the body,

  • Improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

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Qualification Details

Beijing Sports University. - 1989 - 2018
WASMQ - World Academic Society of medical Qi Gong - China

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