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Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute
There is no age limit with Chi Kung - both young and old can practice and gain health benefits from it.

Tai Chi & Chi Kung Institute - Chi Kung

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung (popularly known as Qigong or Qi Gong) is an amazing method that is incorporated in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). More than 60 million individuals in China practice Chi Kung on a daily basis, seeing it become one of the most practiced and popular forms of health exercise in the entire country.

The integral aims and features Chi Kung are quietness, relaxation, naturalness, the unity of the mind and breath, gradual development and practicing to the individual’s state of health. Chi Kung is ideal for practitioners of other modalities, to bring about energy and relaxation in clinics.

The regular practice and learning of Chi Kung can:

  • Decrease the amount of stress present and promote a sense of health and wellbeing through calming the mind and deepening respiration

  • Relieving fatigue and enhancing your quality of sleep

  • Improved strength mentally and physically

  • Improving respiration, digestion and nervous systems

  • Enhance overall health and your resistance to illness

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