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Take care of your body before it gets out of handRemedial and Sports Massage/ Relaxation/ Manual Lymphatic Drainage/ Oncology Massage /Pregnancy Massage

Take Care Massage Services

Servicing area

Seacliff, South Australia

Focus areas

Digestive system Pain relief Lifestyle Tendonitis Nervous system Stress management

  • Do you feel stressed or tired?
  • Have you a sore joint or tired and stiff?
  • Are you pregnant and in need for a great pregnancy massage?
  • Do you need an oncology programme to follow after your chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
  • A massage can be as good as a 7 hour sleep

Types of Massage

Relaxation Massage

Everyone needs to relax and escape the busy schedules of our lifestyle. Relaxation massages are a great way to still the mind, to regain a sense of being in the present, and to release tension. It is one way of conveying to our body that we do care.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Is a gentle, soothing, non-evasive technique, which significantly improves the activity of the lymph vessels. MLD has a effect on the nervous system, immune system, sooth muscles and tissue drainage. Great for people with lymphoedema or prevention of oedema, scar tissue and pain relief .

Pregnancy Massage

Relives everyday discomforts of pregnancy such as aching back , sore neck, heaviness in the pelvic area, leg cramps, swelling of the ankle area and feet and reduces oedema .Improves sleep and gives women time to rest and relax. I have lots of expertise on how to make sure you are comfortable on the table.

Remedial Massage

Treatment that manipulates the soft tissue of the body, is used to treat chronic muscular imbalance . Common conditions can be successfully treated- chillies tendon, Tendonitis Shin splints Groin Strain,Tennis elbow Frozen Shoulder Scar Tissue Carpel.

Trigger Point Or Myofascial Therapy

Is a method for effective and quick release of muscle spasm. Muscle spasm often causes pain and muscle weakness. Trigger Point Therapy is a simple approach that addresses many common complaints that occur in a specific relationship to muscular dysfunction .

Deep Tissue Massage

This method focuses on deeper layers of the muscles tissue.Releasing patterns of tension with slow strokes and deep pressure, either following or going cross the fibres of the muscle.

Stomach and Lower Abdominal Massage

Most of us take this area in our body for granted and over the years of massage I have realised that we hold a great deal of tension throughout the abdominal region which has a vital impact on our digestive system.

Massaging stomach intestines and the lower abdominal area is a very important for general health and fertility.

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a gentle form of massage designed to relieve tension often experienced by patients. It may also reduce symptom such as nausea, pain, fatigue and anxiety. Massage can be received through clothing or applied with oil on the skin.


The sole of the feet and the palms of the hands divide into sections that mirror the different body organs. Massaging these areas can stimulate and strengthen the associated internal organ and promote a healing process.

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