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Seasons and Cycles - assisting life cycles seasons

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Harmony for self, relationships home heart household work, body mind spirit wellbeing, rebalance recentre refresh renew you. Be in tune understand how to be assisted through changes shifts and transitions and learn to relax and be assisted in flow with you.

Harmony of heart home household family wellbeing

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Distance phone consultation by appointment

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Clearing blocks Emotions Well-being Stress management Life path Space clearing

Distance Healing phone consultation via appointment. A 5-15 minute complimentry consultation with your first enquiry booking to establish your priority healing need, gain clarity on what it is you are going through, experiencing and would like assistance with.

Distance Healing is by Distance and or Remote and requires the reciever person needing the assistance to call discuss and book in an appointment suitable time and day and type of healing will be aligned on the day.

The Distance Healing consultation can be a form or type or energy healing sent from sender to receiver. It will be discusses first then after conversation a suitable time and healing assistance established plus time and date. All will be explained on the day or at enquiryto book.

Previous energy healing and or intuitive spiritual or natural therapies expereinced is good to know and understand when calling to book.

The Therapist has intuitive awareness and insight based on your conversation to create a Distance healing to assist you and your needs.

The Distance healing can be a time where you feel you need to learn to relax unwind or you have hit the wall or have had a feeling of being out of sorts ungrounded mind over busy racing and or unable to settle or feel okay. 

The Distance Healing can assist you via a phone consultation intuitive healing reading and or guided meditation and or relaxation breathwork calming grounding and assisting you to recentre your thoughts emotions to settle and to calm and relax and switch off to allow receiveing.

The Distance healing can be silent as well as in a consultation conversation for a few minutes then you relax and allow time to receive in silence and this kind of assistance has been done to remote areas, overseas and or people who have no access to see and or are housebound or to busy and need to feel harmonious at home and soul support guidance relaxation and de stress energy balancing chakra welbeing and energy healing spiritual intuitive development and soul support for transitions changes busy days and overwhelm and not coping to well with lifes shifts changes in day to day. 

The Distance Healing can also be a Spiritual Healing essence consultation a gem elixer, a a flower remedy or intuitive essence and or harmony spray for household a spritzer to refresh energy aura and household to allow more peace harmony & calm and care of the soul body and peace of mind energy wellebing.

If you require personal & spiritual soul support, need to know how to switch off, allow calm, ground and align body mind heart n soul, be in your flow, reconnect back to you and your centre heart home work rest and just learn to relax and allow time for you. If your going through a circumstance and situation you feel out of control or your alone and noone understands, please feel welcome to call to discuss. Especially for spiritual intuitive, sensitive children, creatives, stressed out of balanced household. Especially if you don't know how to switch off and align and ground your body mind in present time and you feel not as grounded or connected as you know you can be or have it together. Feel welcome to call and discuss as an indivdiual and or a parent needing assistance and or partner needing relationship harmony and or integrating new steps work day to day and having to balance it and juggle it all.

A Distance Healing Consultation and or a 5-15 minute introductory chat will allow you to text or callto connect and we can start here, where you are at this point in time and see what assistance specific or combination maybe suited to help and or what is available and suited to you, the receiver at this time. 

A Inhouse visit Mobile Consultation can be discussed if required and that maybe for household harmony, space clearing, realigning you in your house harmony and assisting with a intuitive session that supports at the time. The different techniques and ways to assist you to rebalance any imbalance and or feel clearer lighter grounded centred at peace and or starting to access your wellbeing and harmony again and household harmony be it living on your own or with family.

The basis of this work is family ohana and that is reconnecting you back to who you are whether you have family with you or whether you are living apart or needing assistance to harmonise as a household and it is part of the consultation and then a way is shown to assist clearing blocks in the way to assist steps and what next. Especially good if you have no time or time poor and can't do it all, also not sure how to handle shifts changes and or have been going through situations circumstances and you may just need an intuitive assistance, soul support, guidance and or intuitive healing ways to bring you back to basics, ground you back in body mind and spirit, reconnect heart & soul and guide you through meditation visualisation and return to self worth wisdom wellbeing and settle the dust and refresh to have another go and or be assisted to find balance, harmonise and assist at this time. 

At this time the fist step is a call to connect and say what you need where your at and how you feel and we can go from there. Please leave a message and or text when you feel you can give 5-15 minutes to assist you and then we can decide then what is best for you. 

The intuitive bodywork and healing will only be booked in if the person is aware or understands and or is in need as it is very specific work for body mind spirit harmony and wellbeing. It is not just massage. It is hawaiian polynesian intuitive consultation that connects with self and family and or family tree, household harmony, relationships and inidvdiual assistance on life path.

If you know energy healing, if your know you need holsitic or whole hearted body mind spirit wellbeing and or have an idea or needing this or drawn to receive and book in please be in touch. This is sacred intuitive work for sacred self worth wisdom wellbeing. It is not and does not replace your doctors advice or diagnosis. It will work to assist you in ways that you may need if you are going through a life change and or life happening.       

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