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Apr 2005

Seasons and Cycles - assisting life cycles seasons

Contact Name Tanja Eichmann
Phone 0412 056 749
Mobile 0412 056 749
Address By appointment
150 Neptune street St
Maryborough QLD 4650
Servicing Areas Maryborough & Brisbane
Body Mind Wellbeing, Communication & Understanding to assist day to day busyness & imbalances to ground harmony & balance in present time. Welcome Grace and Easyness today.

Body Mind Harmony Energy Wellbeing

Welcome to your harmony & wellbeing,
I am currently doing remote & distant healing consultation, guided meditation, soul support and intuitive assistance.

There a seasons and cycles, life happenings, day to day stresses. Some people that are sensitive creative intuitive are experiencing day to day stress and or pressures as well as
being sensitive to environment and life and current way of living. Trying to get life right and feeling exhausted and or
corded to past or worried about future can create stress.

Sometimes taking timeout and understanding how that can happen is the assistance i give. Just in the environment you live in, we start where you are.

There is no judgement, there is focus on what is blocking or in the way to allow focus on flow and harmony and wellbeing.

Some techniques are intuitive energetic and also guided spoken in a phone consultation and or distance helaing booking and or if required a in person home visit consultation.

I work to assist and align and reset scared space and prepare harmony sprays for aura energy wellbeing home and office space and just to bring calm and clarity in and flow.

I also can tune in to current situation and see what is showing up physical or non physical and discuss what steps taken or needed to assist as we are energetic as well as physical beings and we also connect body mind heart whole self whole hearted as well. I work form heart base and can assess energy, ready body and sense the environment as well and what can assist a better way day feeling flow for you.

I have experienced many things that sometimes were unexpected and travelled pathways that were not planned so i understand if something is happening at times if you may not.

I will discuss with you a few minute 5 - 10 complimentary to understand and then we can decide on what is best, the way to assist you and your situation or block or need at the time.

Life is changing moving quickly we need extra support to ground and centre and also help de stress and sort through things. Take care, there is assistance here if you are feeling to be in touch. Please text mobile and or call. 0412 056 770.

Love n Light,

Qualification Details

spiritual healing, energy balancing, chakra balancing, distance & remote healing. & Intuitive Care. Aura sprays energy clearing for clarity and wellbeing.


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