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Tao Healing Services

Tao Healing Services

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Online Soul Healing Consultation My aim is to help you strengthen or reconnect the links between your heart, mind, body and soul. My consultations focus on the use of Tao healing methods.  

About Tao Healing Services

Focus areas

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What is Tao healing?

Using non-invasive methods, I work with you to transform any emotional imbalances and apply preventative self-healing techniques to help you manage anxiety, stress, anger, pain and fear. 

When practising Tao healing, I offer a positive frequency and vibration which gently changes your vibrational field. 

By releasing negative information, energy and matter from your field, my goal is to promote your relaxation, and personal and spiritual progress.

Read about the 3 different Tao methods I used:

- Guan Yin Mantra

- Tao Calligraphy moving meditation

- Tao Hands

What you can expect

My sessions are available in person or remotely.

Each one-hour session includes a 30-minute consultation and a 30-minute blessing.

Cost per session: $120 for a 1-hour consultation.

For multiple session of 3 or more, a 20% discount is applied: $96 for each 1-hour consultation.


About me

I have developed my soul healing services over 6 years and provide private consultations, heart meditation, soul communication, Tao soul herbs blessings, soul tapping, Tai Ji meditation in motion and self healing techniques to empower you to connect with your own soul. 

In times of uncertainty and transition, change is inevitable. Amidst the current ecological and societal instability, we can heal ourselves, transform our lives, bring hope and put our values into service for human and non-human life. I am passionate about the inner and outer dimensions to the work of reuniting people, the living world, and the sacred. 

The sacred teachings of soul power by Dr and Master Sha empower us to participate in a re-weaving of these connections. I would like to share the innovative practices and ancient wisdom with you. 


My Tao healing session with En-En came at just the right time for me when I was dealing with some heavy feelings and conflict. I was troubled by the anxious and angry feelings I was experiencing, these felt like a burden and were giving me physical pain as well as making it difficult for me to focus.

En-En listened to me and I felt she had a good sense of the core issues I described. She used this information to guide me through a sequence of processes in a calm and safe way.

During the session I had a number of visions, received personal messages of guidance and felt an immediate sense of lightness, a lifting of my burden.

I gained insights into my life purpose and the best way to move through the current conflict in ways that are in keeping with my values and my preferred ways of being in the world.

The session had a lasting effect that has stayed with me during the week that has now passed. I have felt more at peace, calmer, happier, more able to focus and be present with others, and more grateful for the beauty and joy in life.

This has given me strength to flow with integrity and openness through challenges that I have been facing.

I can recommend En-En's Tao healing as a gentle, safe and helpful practice, especially useful for shifting energy that feels stuck, heavy or painful. 
Thank you En-En.

Dr Carla van Laar - Victoria



My intention for my session with En En was to gain more insight and understanding of my chronic physical pain. We began by breath and sound work to help me to connect with my body. Once connected to my body I was able to be in my heart space and bring awareness to my physical pain. En En was able to hear what I already knew about my pain and she was able to integrate this into the session; I found this to be a supportive offering from her.

I received a Tao healing blessing for my water and metal element to heal grief. This helped my heart space to open and to ground my energy. En En then facilitated a forgivenss practice and I was able to receive a flow message from my own soul. This aspect of the session was particularly powerful for for. I could sense an internal softening and I began to tap into the emotional charge behind the concept of forgiveness for myself and for those who have come before me.

En En gave me practical suggestions on how to sit with my pain when it next comes.  I found this deeply moving and supportive...like I am able to create a new relationship with my pain to support my own healing.

The session with En En supported me to meet my body, pain and soul with compassion and gratitude.

Jess, Melbourne



Thank you so much En-En. Your healing came at the perfect time for me. Through the process I released grief as you opened up a very real presence and connection with my first unborn child with whom I shared much healing and love in the session. Also, I felt a powerful blessing as my heart swelled with a pearl like angel I saw with me. The chronic sinusitis I came to you with has eased since and your connection of this with the qualities of courage and grief - the metal element - made so much sense. The messages and image you conveyed from tuning in to Akashic records will guide me further as I continue with my healing after the session. I am very grateful for your gentle, loving blessings, prayers, songs and beautiful presence. Thank you so much.

FH, Melbourne.






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This can be for any area of your life, health, relationship, stress relief, balance the emotional body for balancing depression, grief, sadness, anxiety, fear, worry; balance the mental body, balance the 7 soul houses and finances. Tao hands are source ha

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