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Tayo's Harmony

Tayo Hayashi

Asquith NSW 2077

Servicing area: Asquith NSW

Tayo's Harmony

Tayo's Harmony practices Kinesiology , Reiki and counseling within a warm, relaxing and nurturing environment.

We offer the face to face sessions, online Kinesiology sessions, online metaphysical counselling,and distance Reiki therapy.



Kinesiologist, Reiki Healer & Counsellor


Tayo's Harmony is located in Asquith, NSW. 

I am dedicated and passionate to offering the following services for individuals. 

Here I can offer:

  • Kinesiology 
  • Reiki therapy 
  • Counselling (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique™)
Opening hours

10am - 5pm
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
Sat by appointment
Later appointments also available upon request.

On-street and private driveway parking available

My vision and aim

As from my clinical background, when we face illness and other issues, we tend to focus on our bodies and separate physicality from many other aspects of our being. However, I would like to emphasise here that we are not just a physical being, but we are also an emotional, and metaphysical being and they are all interlinked together.

When you have issues in your wellbeing or have been having chronic issues, this is a time when you can investigate all aspects of your being.

My aim is to help you set free from those issues you have, in a safe, comfortable environment. Ultimately you discover the greatest possibility of who you are and be your best self. 

The clients I meet have a variety of issues such as physical and emotional pain, chronic health issues, fatigue, stress, emotional issues, or simply have goals that they would like to achieve.

Kinesiology, Reiki and emotional healing (Metaphysical Anatomy Technique™) are all very gentle yet powerful and deep. They can help in many aspects within you.

If you would like to chat about the therapies I offer, please contact me today.

Languages available

English and Japanese

My story

For my career I have been working as a clinical registered nurse for 20 years in both Japan and Australia. During my work as a registered nurse, I was amazed how wonderful and fascinating modern medicine was to save people’s lives and had a passion to care for people and be a part of team. I worked in many different clinical settings and within the community. I have seen many stages of life and illness during my nursing career. But I was always curious about people who never got well despite all the treatment. However, my life hit a turning point. My family member suffered from a chest infection and went through numerous amounts of medications. But this almost broke my family apart. He became severely sick from the side effects caused by the treatments he recieved  and my family nearly lost him.

During his illness, he was given so many kinds of medications which even made him sicker and suffered. We as a family took nearly 6 months to get him back to our family again.

I was desperately looking for an alternative to medicine to help him to back to where he was or even better. I was struggling but found a place that practices Kinesiology and natural therapy.

He gradually got better and better over the year. I have witnessed the power of healing and Kinesiology with no doubt. I am grateful that his experience has showed me that there are other ways to heal people including the modality of Kinesiology.

This was a big eye opener for me as it was nothing like that the modern medical world that I was part of.

I started wondered if I could learn this modality and help others, my family and myself.

I have now studied Kinesiology and other healing modalities such as Reiki and Emotional healing. They inspired me because we as human beings, have the ability to heal ourselves and the ability resides within us. This is just a matter of tapping into.

I respect both alternative and conventional medicine and they both play important roles in health.

But I respect our ability to open up for the possibilities within us, and healing from within, and for my career I wish to pursue and share the relevant knowledge and skills with people.

Finally, I have a gratitude of my knowledge and skills experienced through my nursing career and family’s illness, and now my new knowledge of Kinesiology, Reiki, and Emotional healing.

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