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Experience greater ease in the body and freedom of spirit with Lilamani’s expert care, offering Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork, KaHuna bodywork, and Holistic Tantra sessions and workshops.


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Clinic - Red Hill, Mobile - within 5km radius of Red Hill

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Values Joy Nurturing Love Self awareness Spiritual teaching

Zenthai Shiatsu is the creative cultivation of ancient methods of bodywork combined with modern physical therapies to provide effective massage benefits, delivered with a holistic and nurturing approach.

Zenthai Shiatsu uniquely blends Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu, osteopathic and remedial techniques, and Yoga Therapy. It engages the whole body, from musculoskeletal to digestion, from emotional to energetic, facilitating a truly holistic massage experience. Promoting freedom of movement to the structural and energetic body. And fantastic for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy.

I’d love to bring my wealth of experience and depth of care in supporting you, through this incredible form of bodywork. Let me meet you where you’re at and take you on a journey, with Zenthai Shiatsu!


Visit my private clinic in Red Hill (near Paddington Central), or choose mobile service within a 5km radius of the clinic.

60 min $9060min $120
90min $13090min $160
120min $170

‘My name is Tim and I have had many different massages in my life. But NOTHING compares to the Zenthai Shiatsu that Lilamani can do. Last year I came to Lilamani with lower back problems that others could only patch. Lilamani has given me a new life by her techniques and exercises that now enable me to manage myself. After a session with Lilamani my pain goes and I can sleep better at night.

I believe I have found an amazing therapist and I can only hope that you try Lilamani for yourself to get the results you are looking for. This is more than just a massage. It is an exotic, relaxing, timeless EXPERIENCE. Once you feel the difference you won’t go anywhere else and you will find yourself on cloud nine! Thank you so much Lilamani, Here’s to good health!’

~ Tim, Brisbane

‘Lilamani has a magical touch that instantly reassured me that I was In ‘safe hands’. I felt comfortable enough to relax and surrender and allow the flow of the Zen Thai Shiatsu massage take effect through Lilamani’s expertise and gentle guidance. What I enjoyed most about this style of traditional oriental massage is the energetic flow, as opposed to just a passive experience. I felt this enabled my body to move into stretches, and release just what was needed at that precise moment without strain. After the massage, I immediately felt the benefits and enjoyed a deep nights sleep.’

~ Rebecca, Brisbane


KaHuna bodywork (or Lomilomi) is a deeply nurturing and healing style of massage. Originating from the Hawaiian islands, KaHuna is flowing, rhythmic and wave like. Using only the highest quality organic oils, the flowing movements of the hands, forearms and elbows on the whole body can take you to a deeply relaxing and expanded space within. KaHuna is a heart based experience, providing a space to feel and integrate your body, mind, emotions and spirit. It also supports relief of physical aches and pains, and is fantastic for increased lymph and blood flow. Where appropriate I incorporate proven techniques from my many years experience with Zen Thai Shiatsu. This style of massage is nurturing and sensual, though non-sexual, and you are encouraged to connect freely with energy in your body.

KaHuna was my first introduction to holistic massage, and from that first experience I was hooked. It was mere months after receiving KaHuna for the first time that I went on to do a practitioner training. Come and try KaHuna for yourself, with a trusted and experienced practitioner.

Clinic Only
60 mins$100
90mins $145
120mins $180

‘As I am a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage lover Lilamani recommended I try Kahuna massage for something different. I must say it is wonderful. I have experienced its long firm body strokes as soothing, nurturing and rejuvenating to my body, mind and spirit. The hypnotic motions release my mind from the concerns of the day while my body is nurtured by expert hands. Lilamani holds a professional and respectful yet friendly space in which I feel safe to receive healing on many levels. Let’s face it, I’m a fan.’

~ Isaac, Brisbane


Tantra is a deepened awareness and experience of life; quite literally, an ‘expansion of energy’. Life force (ki, chi, prana etc) is one and the same as sexual energy, so when we tighten, repress, suppress, exaggerate, or pervert our sexual energy, our ability to relate to others and function in life becomes distorted. Tantra offers the means to unwind these distortions to free up energy in our own body for healing, more ease and pleasure. We can heal how we relate with men, how we relate with women, and how honestly we show up in life. When we freely honour our sexual energy, it can open a gateway to spiritual liberation.

For over a decade, Tantra has been the biggest part of my personal journey of transformation, bringing me countless insights and enriching all areas of my life and relationships in ways I could never have imagined. I hold so dear to my heart the gifts of tantra.

With honour and humility I support others on their own tantric path. I welcome you to take up this support through my offerings of individual and couples sessions, workshops and community events.

Tantra is for anyone who…
  • wants a deeper connection with who they really are inside
  • would like to improve dealing with challenges, major life events and important decisions
  • wants to be more present and grounded in all areas of life
  • wants to understand and experience their body more intimately for healing, pleasure and self awareness
  • longs for more connected, fulfilling sexual experiences
  • wants to let go of and transform unhealthy behaviours and emotional issues
  • wants to develop or learn the ability to trust
  • seeks more authentic and meaningful communication in relationships

I work with sexual aspects primarily because repressed sexual energy forms the biggest blocks that hold us back from living more freely. Using simple and profound practices, you can learn how to understand your own motivations, explore masculine/feminine dynamics, experience your sexual/lifeforce energy in new and uplifting ways, and more. Teachings are relatable to today’s men and women and provide the tools to better relate to self, others, and to life.

If you’re experiencing a specific challenge in life/sex/relationship, or have a feeling that there could be more to what you currently know and feel, here is an opportunity to go deeper in your life/sex/relationship and find insights, feel expanded energy and more connection. I can provide a space for you to meet yourself more deeply.

Sessions1 hour90 mins2 hour

“In my session with Lilamani, I was guided into a deep place within myself where I could relive, rewrite and release some past experiences that were affecting my relationship with myself and others. This assisted me to let go of some old patterns and move more into a connection with myself as a woman in the present. I now feel more able to act according to my own values rather than out of an old pattern that does not serve me. I felt very safe in the gentle strength of her presence and the space she held for me was supportive yet empowering. I love the space she holds as a sister, she is fun, open, understanding and easy going. Without rescuing, she can support and guide into empowerment and connection with self.”

~ Kirra

“Thank your for today’s session Lilamani. I feel I’ve really gotten a lot out of it. I felt really connected and have explored new areas that I haven’t for some time. It was incredible.”

~ Vaughan

A word from Lilamani…

“Hi there! It is with great joy that I share with you my passions for Holistic Massage, Tantra and Conscious Relating, and the extraordinary gifts and insights they can bring to one’s life. Since 2004 I’ve been passionately exploring (and continue to explore) a range of therapeutic and spiritual teachings and modalities, including shamanic sexuality and Taoist practices, yoga, modern conscious relationship tools and understandings, to the KaHuna, Zenthai Shiatsu and Tantra I offer you today. Since early in my journey these threads have woven together to hold me through profound opening, healing, transformation and empowerment, leading to a more present and honouring experience in my body, an ever deepening awareness of my emotional, mental and spiritual world, and more fulfilling connections with others. I see how the qualities of these threads beautifully complement each other, and feel so fulfilled in offering this work. I look forward to supporting you on your own journey.”

Lilamani is an accredited yoga teacher, Zenthai Shiatsu facilitator, and has assisted and facilitated on intensive tantric trainings and retreats.

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