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I look to share my knowledge of natural nutrition, herbs and minerals and knew that it could blend with and complement conventional medicine practices.

The Green Medic


Herbal Medicine

Enhancing your health with herbs is totally safe. The Green Medic Naturopath can offer you a herbal health program that stimulates your innate healing abilities and supports your progression towards your health and fitness goals.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Unique to Australia, these Australian Bush Flower Essences can help in the healing of emotional, mental, and physical complaints. Personalised essence combinations are mixed by the Green Medic Naturopath to help you.


Natural foods are full of vitamins and minerals that will offer you amazing benefits for your overall health and fitness. In Australia we have some of the most amazing produce in the world, I guide you towards the best foods to eat for your needs.


New Client Initial Consultation: $120

Follow Up Consultation: $60

Herbal Medicines

  • 100ml - $25 (7-day supply)

  • 200ml - $40 (14-day supply)

  • 500ml - $75 (35-day supply)

Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals

$ Prices are per individual budgets and needs. This will be discussed during consultation

Australian Bush Flower Essences Blends

25ml dropper dose bottle - $20

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