The Wings Of Angels

Adele Johnson

South Perth WA 6151

Servicing area: South Perth, Western Australia

The Wings Of Angels

Qualified therapist in Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy and Healing , Ear Candling and Dr detox Ion Cleanse Foot Spa Treatments

Member of AAMT.

The Wings Of Angels

A Western Australian Owned business specialising in Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy and Energy Healing

Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage - Remedial massage is a therapeutic and treatment based massage. It is a wonderful method to prevent and treat injuries/tension ans stresses you may receive through sport, day to day living and work.

I use a combination of massage techniques (Remedial, Aromatherapy, Neuro-muscular technique, Swedish, Dorn Therapy and Shiatsu) designed to your preference combined with pure Aromatherapy Oils and Energy Healing to allow the body to melt away the stresses and strains of life and magnify the healing effects of the massage.

I perform this technique to relax the body, mind and soul. If the body is in pain during the treatment the muscles tend to lock up as a form of protection and therefore hold tension.

If there is a area that will not release it is likely to be caused from a misalignment/s and a Dorn Spinal Therapy treatment may be recommended.

I recommend remedial massage combined with aromatherapy and energy healing to adults and children for;

Those who need to just STOP.

  • Drift away with the aromas of specially selected essentials oils

  • Reduce stress and tension – work, exams, relationships and general life

  • Relax, revive and recharge

  • General wellbeing

Can assist with;

  • particular muscular problem or injury

  • Improve circulation of blood and lymph

  • Aid elimination of toxins

  • Relieve aches, pains, sprains and strains

  • Assist in the breakdown of fatty tissues

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Tension headaches

  • Prevent injury

  • Increase range of movement

I have health rebates with all health funds for massage. Instant available rebates for some funds.

Healing Treatments; ½ hr $50 1 hr $90 1½ hr $125

Gift vouchers available – A great gift to treat a friend or family member

To book a treatment or further enquires - Contact Adele Johnson 0438 835 530


Qualified therapist

Treat Yourself - You deserve it!.

Oriental/Shiatsu Massage - Shiatsu massage is a holistic Japanese form of massage therapy using pressure along the energy channels (meridians) of the body to specific acu – points. Gentle stretches and joint rotations are also used to promote the free flow of Qi (life flow of energy). The aim is to balance the person’s flow of energy throughout the body to allow harmony to be restored to mind, body and soul and strengthen vital organs.
The massage is done on a yoga mat with the receiver wearing loose clothing. No oils are used. Energy Healing is included in each session.

Healing Treatments 1 hr $90

Gift Voucher are available– A great gift to treat a friend or family member.

To book a treatment or further enquires - Contact Adele Johnson 0438 835 530


Qualified therapist

Treat Yourself - You deserve it!

What is Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils taken from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, etc., and blending them for therapeutic use or sheer pleasure. It is the "essence" of the plant (the essential oil) the herbal energy representing the spirit, the soul of the plant and its chemical properties that gives it whatever therapeutic value the oil might have. The healing power of essential oils is the main attraction in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a time- honored practice that has combined with modern scientific research and has thus enabled a sound therapeutic system to be built.

The Wings of Angels makes products using only the finest ingredients, essential oils, herbs and flower essences, carefully chosen for their therapeutic ability to heal the skin and the mind. We create hand made healing products from nature for a specific individuals needs and blends we have found to work well are carefully produced in small batches in Perth, Western Australia. It is a joy to make and we consider it a privilege to bring these products to you. We are continually increasing our range and welcome wholesale enquires.

Dr Detox Ion Cleanse Foot Spa

An efficient, easy & pain free detox in just 30 mins

Dr Detox Ion Cleanse is a non-invasive therapy, which re-energises , re-vitalises and supports the body's innate ability to re-balance and achieve a higher state of well being and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium.

Toxins are found in our every day environment. Every day we expose our bodies to tobacco smoke, vehicle fumes, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and industrial pollutants. We eat food that containsadditives, preservatives and colourants. We drink alcohol,caffiene and take medications.These toxins and waste products weaken our immune system and cause a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Every body is different and therefore results vary from person to person.

Possible benefits:

  • increase in energy levels,

  • improved metabolism and blood circulation,

  • a feeling of rejuvenation,

  • lower stress levels,

  • decreased joint stiffness,

  • a more balanced pH level

  • mental clarity,

  • better sleep,

  • reduced bloating

  • and a general sense of wellbeing...

Relax and enjoy a soothing 30-minute treatment. Investment $30 ; Book 5 and 6th treatment FREE

A series of treatments is recommended; one a week for 6 weeks than once a month for 3 months as a follow up.

Please note not recommended for if you have any of the following aliments;

  • Wear a pacemaker or other magnetic device,

  • Suffer from epilepsy or seizures,

  • Are pregnant or lactating’

  • Taking medication for a heart condition,

  • Has have a major organ transplant,

  • Suffer from severe high/low blood pressure,

  • Type 1 diabetes ect..

  • Anyone who has had an operation where metal plates or metallic objects have been placed in the body

  • People with open wounds on their feet..

Book an appointment today Ph 0438 835 530.

Qualification Details

  • Diploma in Remedial Massage
  • Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Accredited member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (As a member of AAMT I am committed to ongoing professional learning and skill developement. )
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (I am a lecturer at a premium college of natural medicine.
  • Certificate of Neuro - Muscular Technique
  • Certificate of Dorn Spinal Therapy
  • Certificate of Oriental Massage
  • Certificate of Swedish Massage
  • Certificate of Medical Intuition - level 1
  • Certificate of Spiritually Guided Healing Practioner


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