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Working with your breathing will dramatically improve your health.

Breathing Education

You no longer need accept sleeplessness, breathlessness, low energy and so many other health challenges that drag you down.  Become calmer, sleep better 


Breathe through your mouth?

Experience a blocked or runny nose?
Suffer from sleep apnoea or insomnia?
Have frequent colds, flu?
     asthma or breathlessness?
Get allergic rhinitis (hay fever)?
Frequently feel tired and fatigued?
Become easily stressed or suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?
Experience frequent headaches or migraine headaches?
Miss days at school/work because of your condition?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you need to work with your breathing!

When you do, you will quickly experience improvements in your sleep, energy levels and general sense of wellbeing. Buteyko Method Breathing exercises help your body heal.


The following are a few of the conditions which have been found to benefit using Buteyko exercises:

Asthma : Clinical trials show asthmatics can expect up to 90% reduction in relief medication in the first week and reduce prescribed medication under their doctor’s guidance within a couple of months.

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea : improvement in sleep and daytime energy levels and gradual reduction in incidence of snoring and apnea is a frequent occurrence with Buteyko.

Chronic Fatigue : energy improves quickly and persistence shows a gradual ability to return to previous levels of activity .

Chronic cough and Bronchitis: coughing on top of wheeze can lead to an asthma attack. Irritation, phlegm and inflammation can begin to clear up quickly once Buteyko Breathing is begun for those whose cough does not present as part of a more complex condition.

Allergies: many allergies present before practicing Buteyko vanish as you become familiar with the exercises and stop hyperventilating. Buteyko also teaches a simple method for establishing what you are allergic to.

Anxiety / Panic: as you gain control of your breathing, you are able to ease yourself out of attacks and with practice, will find yourself experiencing greater calm.

The Buteyko Course

You will learn this method during 5 sessions - 4 initial sessions to learn and practice the technique plus a follow-up session after 6 weeks (which is your opportunity to brag about your progress). Ongoing support is also available for six months as needed, all inclusive.

Sessions will include general lifestyle and dietary guidance combined with breathing exercises, which you will practice extensively in-class. The technique is relatively easy to learn and you will have begun to notice benefits by the time you have completed the first couple of sessions. The method does require practice and effort to achieve maximum results but, as you will find, it’s absolutely WORTH IT.

Anyone can learn the technique - from Children as young as three to adults of advanced years.

As you experience relief of symptoms and improvements in your condition, reduction of prescribed medication can be considered IN CONSULTATION WITH, AND BY THE APPROVAL OF YOUR DOCTOR.

What Doctors have said
about the Buteyko Breathing Method

"Having heard remarkable reports from my patients who did the Buteyko course, my son and I tried it out. I learned how to eliminate a migraine headache and my son's asthma, made worse by cold and exercise was noticeably better just by doing the exercises. At the six weeks follow-up everyone had made progress, e.g. from asthma, fatigue from sleep problems, snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety, panic attacks and improvement in athletic performance. And there was a sense of confidence that the exercises could continue to provide relief of symptoms. I noticed my sleep quality was better too. I feel confident in recommending this course to my patients who have asthma, sleep problems, anxiety and panic attacks and sleep apnoea. I believe every health professional should experience the course for themselves. The theory in itself is well worth hearing as it makes sense and its practical application is the evidence of its efficacy. It's quite possible that Buteyko breathing could have much wider health applications."

Anne O'Reilly MB BCh FRNZCGP, New Zealand

"Since I have been sharing the Buteyko technique with my asthmatic patients, I have seen an incredibly high degree of disease reversals, let alone reduced inhaler use and hospitalisations. I have also noticed that far more aspects of these people’s lives have improved, not only their asthma. Apart from the powerful improvements in respiratory condition, I believe the time spent in focussing on the breath, in the 'shallows of thought', reduce the over-burden of the stress-response in our bodies, hereby allowing a more natural state-of-being, towards optimal health. A liberating tool indeed."

- Dr Jon Morley, MBChB, IBCMT

Qualification details

Rebecca's Qualifications
  • Buteyko Educator (since 1999)
  • Breath Therapy - Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Dip Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Lic Acupuncture (5-element)
  • EMMOTE Belief Therapy
  • Cert IV TAE40110 Training & Assessment
  • Grad Dip Education
  • B.Sc (Hons) Anthropology

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