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The Centre of Healing

Servicing area: Clear Island Waters, Robina & Burleigh QLD

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Increase your energy levels and improve your situation in life.

Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Level I, II, III & IV Classes

Reiki Healing Sessions

The Centre of Healing provides regular Reiki healing sessions in Clear Island Waters QLD to help people manage their health conditions and see their lives from a much better perspective.

Reiki is a noninvasive healing system that helps your body relax, balances your energy levels and improves your overall health. When you are in a state of relaxation, you can easily absorb positive energy which enables you to not only create beautiful experiences in life, but also handle perplexing situations.

Reiki is based on the concept that a person’s energy levels determine the state of their health. If your energy is low, you are more likely to feel ill or stressed. Reiki may not cure illnesses, but has been proven to be an effective complementary therapy when combined with other healing modalities.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Manages all types of chronic and acute illnesses
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Combats depression, addiction and insomnia
  • Accelerates healing process after surgery
  • Relaxes mothers and babies
  • Improves concentration in children
  • Alleviates pain and emotional tension
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Cleanses the liver and kidneys
Our Healing Sessions
Reiki Session

$120 / 1hr

This in-person healing session aims to align your body with your mind, emotions and spirit. It is usually sought by people suffering from a health issue. You may opt for a single session, but we highly recommend at least three to get maximum results.

Distance Reiki

$90 / 20 mins x 3 sessions

Like our regular Reiki session, this one also aims to improve your health in multi-levels. It complements traditional medicine to speed up recovery from an injury, illness or surgery. Distance Reiki can address all types of chronic and acute diseases.

Be a Reiki Practitioner

Do you have an innate desire to stay healthy throughout your life and help other people achieve the same? Join our small, intimate Reiki classes and learn the principles of this Japanese healing modality, as well as the skills you need to improve your life. 

We offer personalised hands-on training minus written exams and memorisation. The lessons you will gain, you won’t find in any books or other learning materials.

All students are treated to their own Reiki experience before they attend class, for this will help them understand better the benefits of receiving and transmitting positive energy.

Beginners start with the Level 1 course, then as your energy gets stronger you may opt to enrol in higher Reiki classes. Doing so will further hone your healing skills and qualify you as an accredited practitioner.

Reiki Level 1

$100 for a 1-day training

  • Complementary Treatment
  • Reiki Booklet
  • 1º Certificate
Reiki Level II

$350 for a 2-day training

  • Reiki Booklet
  •  2º Certificate
Reiki Level III

$380 for a 2-day training

  • Reiki Booklet
  • Advanced Certificate
Reiki Level IV

$2500 for a 3-day training

  • Reiki Booklet
  • Master Certificate

Book an appointment for a healing session or to learn more about our Reiki classes. 

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