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The Diabetic Dietitian

Terrianne Preston APD

Unit 5
107 Romea St
The Gap QLD 4061

Servicing area: Albany Creek and The Gap, QLD

The Diabetic Dietitian
Terrianne has a great passion for and specialises in working with those living with all forms of diabetes as she herself has had to live with type 1 diabetes for the past 10 years.

About The Diabetic Dietitian

About The Diabetic Dietitian

Through her own personal experiences, Terrianne knows that diabetes management can be difficult to deal with on a day to day basis. Terrianne is living proof that with the correct support and knowledge, you are able to lead a healthy and happy life even when it involves blood glucose monitoring and carbohydrate counting! Having to live with type 1 diabetes for the past 10 years and growing up in a family who all love to cook, saw Terrianne develop a passion for nutrition and food which ultimately lead her to a career as a dietitian. Her passion for health and good food is evident in her dealings with people an online presence as a dietitian.


I do not believe that  there is any one specific diet that is correct for everyone and that most people it all lies in making the correct choices on a daily basis rather than striving to eat perfectly all the time.

I believe in balance as opposed to deprivation and finding realistic and practical strategies utilising evidence based nutrition to make choosing the healthier option that little bit easier. It is all about discovering what works the best for you and what you can sustain in the long term. I strongly believe that a healthy and positive relationship is an important aspect of a healthy life.

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